Virtual Data Centre

A powerful and scalable solution with complete control over infrastructure configuration to provision servers, set up secure firewall rules & VPN connections, configure private & public networks, all from a single control panel.

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Focus on managing your business,
not your infrastructure

Our Virtual Data Centres lets you scale your vCPU, Memory & disks allocations to use as you see fit, all powered by the latest hardware offerings from AMD and HPE.

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You can provision servers, set up secure firewall rules & VPN connections, configure private & public networks and schedule backups from a single control panel.

  • Powered by VMware vCloud Director
  • Secured by NSX-T
  • Easily scalable resource allocation (RAM, CPU, DISK)
  • Bitnami, Terraform support

Successful workflow & productivity

Increase productivity and elminate costs of owning, installing and servicing your own hardware.


Get started with a demo, or allocate your resources and jump straight in. Be up and running in minutes.


Use one of our pre-built Virtual Machine images, or use your own to suit your workloads.


Allocate additional resources to your workloads as your business grows. Scale up at any time.


Reduced costs. Lowered risk. Increased uptime. Happier customers.

ISO Certification MVware Cloud Verified MVware Partner HPE Solution Provider Equinix Partner Award

Supercharge your business digital transformation

Built in support for Bitnami, Terraform and over 100 ready to deploy applications.

Bitnami by VMware Terraform
Built for High Availability

We’ve built dual-zone high availability into the underlying platform, so all of your applications are protected.

Scales with your Business

Save money on infrastructure by only provisioning the resources you need. Upgrade at any time via the MySAU Portal.

Powerful Internal Networking

Deploy networks, define subnets, set up internal networks, create and manage firewall rules, set up IPsec VPN, and much more.

Custom Images

We’ve provided images for popular operating systems including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows, and more. If they don’t suit your needs we support uploading custom images of your choice.

Ready to Deploy Apps

We’ve put together a catalogue of over 40 ready to deploy apps to get your started, with more being added all the time. Get up and running in minutes with a LAMP or MEAN stack, cPanel, Wordpress, and many more.

Automated Backups

Recover fast and get peace of mind restoration for your business with self-service backup & recovery for your environment using vCloud Director.

Virtual Data Centre pricing

Prices from per month (ex GST)


  • Instant deployment
  • Scale at any time
  • Up to 128 vCPU's and 512 GB RAM
  • Self managed backups
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Access to a VMware certified Engineer
  • Migration for your existing applications
  • Increased resource limits
  • Self managed backups
  • 24/7 support
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