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Next-Level Cloud Hosting infrastructure that combines virtualisation technologies and software-defined networking to deliver a scalable and flexible computing environment.

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What is a Virtual Data Centre and how can it work for your business

A Virtualised Data Centre is a software-based representation of a physical Data Centre, offering a variety of cloud infrastructure elements like servers, storage clusters, and networking components to businesses.

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) offers several advantages to businesses of all sizes. Lets look at the 4 pillars you need for a winning solution.

  • Cost Savings - Scale resources as needed via the MYSAU Portal. Less feet on the ground to manage physical infrastructure
  • Time to market - Reduce time to market with instant virtual machine deployments and virtual networking
  • Uptime and data protection - Built for redundancy across geographic zones
  • Security & Ransomware - Ransomware protection with disaster recovery at the click of a button
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Virtual Data Centres VS traditional Data Centres

Lets take a look at Virtual Data Centres VS traditional Data Centres. With agility and scalability, Virtual Data Centres are revolutionising the way businesses manage infrastructure.

Data Centre Data Centre Virtual Data Centre
High upfront expenses arise from the need for companies to purchase hardware and rent physical space. Additionally, they face significant costs related to electricity, cooling, and ongoing maintenance Costs Pay-as-you-use payment model. Very cost effective. No initial investment necessary
Capital expenditure companies need to buy and maintain their ownphysical assets Investment type Operating expenses (OpEx) the business only pays ongoing costs
Designing and building a data center can take months. Each new piece of hardware requires purchasing, configuring, and racking Setup speed Building a new VDC is typically a matter of days. Adding new VMs and capabilities requires minutes.
Physical servers equipped with pre-defined CPUs, memory, and storage, which leads to restricted upgrade possibilities and time-intensive server management tasks. Servers Resize and deploy as demands increase or decrese
Plan for any switch ports, routers, cabling Networking Software-defined networks (SDN) and virtual routers to scale your network
Difficult to manage a centralised security management system, Physical access and times can be a disruption Security Centralised security management system
Migration is a slow, time consuming and expensive and prone to a wide range of possible issues Migration Easily migrate data between hardware platforms
Difficult to maintain and scale, usually results in adding more hardware and complexity Scalability Scale as you need or as your business requires with ease
Power infrastructure is expensive Power Power is not an issue
Expensive to hire IT staff to maintain, patch and backup critical infrastructure Backups & Management Management through a single interface, Backup and Professional Services available

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All from a single control panel you can...provision servers, set up secure firewall rules & VPN connections, configure private & public networks and schedule backups.

  • Multi-tenant cloud management views
  • Easily scalable resource allocation (RAM, CPU, DISK)
  • Elastic Secure Virtual Data Centres
  • DRaaS workload protection
  • Application Platform as a Service
  • Self-service and easy Cloud migrations

Use Cases

Virtual Data Centres are the ideal solution for forward-thinking businesses seeking unmatched scalability, flexibility, and security in managing their digital assets and IT infrastructure efficiently.

Startups & Small Business

Access to enterprise-level IT infrastructure without the upfront costs of building and maintaining a physical Data Centre. It provides the ability to scale resources as the business grows.

Medium-Sized Enterprises

Medium-sized businesses often have fluctuating IT requirements. Virtual Data Centers offer the flexibility to adjust computing resources as needed without over-provisioning or investing heavily in hardware.

E-commerce and Online Retailers

Businesses that experience seasonal spikes in website traffic or have varying computing needs throughout the year can benefit from the scalability of virtual Data Centres

Digital Agencies and Web Developers

Companies in the creative and web development space can benefit from the agility and cost-effectiveness of virtual Data Centres to host client websites and applications

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

A reliable solution for businesses seeking disaster recovery and business continuity services. Data can be backed up and replicated to remote virtual Data Centres to ensure data integrity and availability

Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data

Large-scale data processing, storage, and analytics can benefit from the scalable and powerful resources offered by Virtual Data Centres

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Virtualisation: the future of Cloud Computing


of businesses report significant reductions in time spent on routine administrative tasks after virtualisation

23 billion

By 2030, the global application virtualisation market is expected to exceed 23 billion U.S dollars


of the current Virtualisation market share is held by VMware


of organisations use storage virtualisation

Case Study - Virtual Data Centre

Virtual Data Centre success story

“We needed scalability and reliable support to help us meet our growing customer demands... Servers Australia made it incredibly easy. We told them what we needed, and their specialists came up with a set of solutions for us. Our new virtual data centre solution allows us to scale at the click of our fingers".

Angelo Senna - Director PROLIST

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Why Choose Servers Australia for Virtual Data Centres

We partner with the best in the business, so you can be sure you’re getting the best products on the market. 100% Australian owned, with round-the-clock technical support available to all our customers - our dedicated, Australian-based team is only ever a phone call away!

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Built for High Availability

We've built dual-zone high availability into the underlying platform, so all your applications are protected

Geographical Redundancy

Our VDC solution - along with the mangement infrastructrue - is hosted across multiple Equinix facilities, all compliant with ISO27001, SOCl, SOCll, PCI

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Network Infrastructure

We're one of Australia's largest Private Networks and are strategically positioned across Australia, ensuring seamless connectivity and lightning-fast performance for Australia's network infrastructure

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Australian Owned & Operated

We are proudly locally grown and operated. We are also committed to ensuring your data is kept safely and securely in Australia

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We’ve put together a catalogue of over 40 ready to deploy apps to get your started, with more being added all the time. Get up and running in minutes with a LAMP or MEAN stack, cPanel, Wordpress, and many more

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