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Immutable Ransomware Storage

Part of a comprehensive data protection strategy, providing an additional layer of defence against data loss, corruption, or malicious activities.

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Businesses are now embracing immutable technologies as a crucial element of their cybersecurity strategies to enhance resilience against cyber security threats.

Immutable on-premises storage solutions.

  • Veeam Hardened Repository: A disk-based storage server
  • On-premises S3 compatibility featuring object lock immutability with Veeam deduplication and compression
  • Deduplication Appliances that are disk-based, but have their own deduplication and compression built in
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade//S is also an on-premises S3 -compatible vendor that leverages object lock immutability and SafeMode Retention Lock as an added layer to protect against insider threats or the compromise of administrator credentials
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Immutable Ransomware Storage

Extra peace-of-mind security

Immutable storage refers to a type of data storage that prevents data from being modified, deleted, or tampered with during a specified retention period. Once data is written to immutable storage, it becomes "immutable" or unchangeable for the defined duration, providing a safeguard against accidental or intentional alterations.


  • Prevents unauthorised modifications, deletions, or tampering of stored data
  • Ensures the integrity and authenticity of information during its defined retention period
  • Serves as a crucial defence against ransomware attacks by making data resistant to encryption or deletion attempts
  • Provides an additional layer of protection against malicious activities
  • Assists in compliance assurance
  • Ideal for backup and archiving

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Immutable Ransomware Storage Use Cases

Types of businesses who benefit from immutable ransomware storage.

Financial Institutions

Ensure the integrity and immutability of transaction records for compliance and audit purposes

Healthcare Providers

Protect patient records, maintaining unaltered medical histories and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations

Legal Firms

Protect customer transaction data and order histories, minimising the risk of data tampering and ensuring a trustworthy shopping experience

Government Agencies

Ensure secure sensitive data, data integrity and meet stringent security and compliance requirements

Research and Development

Protect intellectual property, research findings, and experimental data, ensuring the preservation of valuable information over time

E-commerce Platforms

Protect customer transaction data and order histories, minimising the risk of data tampering and ensuring a trustworthy shopping experience

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