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Disaster Recovery

Ensure you have the right processes and strategies in place for when things go wrong. From natural disasters, human error, technological and hardware failures or any other event that severely disrupts normal operations.

Guarantee swift business recovery

By having a well-designed disaster recovery plan in place, organisations can minimise the impact of disasters and disruptions on their operations, reduce downtime, protect critical data, and enhance their ability to recover quickly and efficiently.

Disaster recovery refers to the process and strategies that organisations put in place to resume or restore critical business operations and IT systems after a disruptive event or disaster. Ensure your business has a plan.

  • Risk Assessment - Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that could impact business operations
  • Recovery Strategies - Develop strategies for recovering IT systems and data
  • Backup and Data Protection - Regularly backup critical data and applications to off-site locations
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) - Create a detailed plan that outlines the steps to be taken during a disaster
  • Communication Plan - Ascertain how communication will be managed internally and externally during a disaster
  • Redundancy and Failover - Design IT systems with redundancy and failover mechanisms to minimise downtime
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Disaster Recovery Use Cases

Scenarios in which disaster recovery strategies play a crucial role in maintaining business continuity and minimising the impact of disruptions.

Natural Disasters

Prepare for events like storms, earthquakes, and floods that can disrupt operations and damage physical infrastructure


When it comes to ransomware attacks, data breaches, or other cyber threats, disaster recovery ensures quick restoration of systems and data while minimising data loss

Hardware Failures

Critical hardware components fail unexpectedly. Disaster recovery strategies help organisations resume operations using redundant systems or cloud-based resources

Human Errors

Mistakes made by employees, such as accidental data deletion or misconfigurations, can be mitigated through disaster recovery processes that enable swift data restoration and system recovery

Power Outages

Sudden power outages or electrical failures can lead to downtime, impacting business operations and underscoring the importance of robust disaster recovery strategies


Global events like the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the need for remote work capabilities in disaster recovery planning

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Disaster Recovery Insights

Some interesting insights related to Disaster Recovery


of businesses that experience significant data loss without a proper disaster recovery plan in place are forced to shut down within two years


per minute of unplanned downtime, emphasising the importance of rapid disaster recovery


of businesses have no disaster recovery plan, leaving them vulnerable to data loss, extended downtime, and financial losses


of organisations will be running at least one application in the cloud, highlighting the growing role of cloud-based disaster recovery solutions

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