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Dedicated Servers

Get the right Dedicated Server for performance and reliability. Ensure optimal speed, security and scalability for business success. Enterprise grade hardware, Australian Data Centres and FREE DDoS protection.


Powerful high-performance Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers built for mission-critical workloads for stability and security for your IT Infrastructure.

Ageing hardware can have a major impact on business growth, performance, and cyber security. Increase your office space, reduce outdated hardware and IT Infrastructure by moving your Dedicated Server to Servers Australia. Featuring the HPE ProLiant, the industries most trusted compute platform.

  • Boost protection of company and customer data
  • Speed up your developers, designers, and account managers
  • Ensure your business-critical applications are reliable and fast
  • Create better online experiences for your customers
  • Help improve SEO rankings
  • Reduce in-house hardware expenses
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers by Servers Australia

Enterprise Grade hardware in secure world-class Australian Data Centres.

Top Features
  • DDos Protection included, Powered by NSFOCUS
  • Enterprise Grade hardware
  • ilO Remote Console Start, Stop & Reboot
  • 2x 10Gbit Switch Ports
  • HPE InfoSite monitoring
  • Your choice of Australian Equinix Data Centres

Dedicated Server Pricing

Choose from Value, Blaze, Enterprise and GPU Dedicated Servers.

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Dedicated Server Use Cases

Discover some of the ways businesses are using Dedicated Servers with Servers Australia.

Small Business Apps

Run critical applications seamlessly and securely. It provides a controlled and secure environment that can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Web app and gaming

Dedicated Servers are a popular choice for the gaming industry because they support heavy bandwidth requirements and provide reliable performance.

Email and web hosting

Web and email hosting services often provide the option of Dedicated Servers to customers who experience large volumes of traffic and require high bandwidth.

Remote desktop environments

A remote desktop on a Dedicated Server empowers users to work from anywhere in an isolated, secure, and high-performance environment. Each desktop has its own file system, memory, and other resources.

Small Hyper V deployments

Dedicated Servers offer the perfect environment for it teams to build out Virtualised environments using Hyper V or other Virtualisation applications

VMware ESXi

Consolidate applications and cut costs with a bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly onto your physical server. logo
Case Study

Powering the fastest WordPress hosting business

"For bare metal IT in Australia, Servers Australia® is really the only option. They provide simplicity, reliability, and an unbeatable partnership". logo

Ben Gabler - Founder & CEO -

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Why choose Servers Australia for Dedicated Servers?

At Servers Australia®, we help web hosting and web development companies, as well as digital agencies to improve their IT infrastructure and support growth. Whether you’re trying to overcome performance, website speed, security, or server support challenges, our experts are here to help.

Australian Owned & Operated

We are proudly locally grown and operated. We are also committed to ensuring your data is kept safely and securely in Australia.

Data Sovereignty

Operational and configurational data that is related to your technology is very important in todays modern digital age.

Our network

We've invested heavily to become one of Australia's largest Private Networks so our customers can really utilise on our IT infrastructure.

Easy migration and expert management

Don't be caught out when things go wrong. We have technical experts on hand ready to assist.

24/7 local infrastructure management support, 365 days a year

Technology doesn't sleep, and neither do we! Our friendly, dedicated tech support team is available 24/7, so you can trust we've always got you covered.

High availability

Our high-availability infrastructure is designed from the top down to guarantee the utmost availability and uptime of your IT infrastructure.

Dedicated Server FAQ's

We've put together some commonly-asked questions about Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Server Resources

Want to learn more about Dedicated Servers? Here are some great resources to get you started...

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