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Servers Australia® offers two services that you can choose from when it comes to managing your servers with us. You can choose a Professional Service Agreement for your account as a whole, as well as a Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement on particular servers and services that need a little extra attention.

This will allow you to select the right combination of PSA and MMA services to give you the flexibility to save your money on in-house technicians while providing you with an extra layer of service or monitoring to give you peace of mind.

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Professional Services Agreement (PSA)


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Applies to your account as a whole

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Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement (MMA)


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Applies to individual services

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Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

At Servers Australia, we love to see our customers succeed. Whether you’re a developer, small business or large enterprise, a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) can help you achieve your goals by utilising our team of support engineers to provide the technical expertise businesses need while also reducing your IT support costs. You’ll be supported by our team of experts who are available 24/7 x 365 days a year.

Priority Case Support

Customers who have purchased a PSA will enjoy case prioritisation for all cases lodged through the MySAU Portal. Your cases will be flagged to distinguish them, so they can be prioritised by our technical support teams.

1 hour response

Time matters! If your case has not been responded to within our 1 hour initial response target time, it will be flagged by our system so the team can review and reply.

Heavily discounted prepaid support hours

Your PSA will come with 2 hours of support time. This time is available to be used across our Support, Network Operations and System Engineering technical support teams. If you need additional time this can be increased to suit your business needs

24/7 Level 3 escalations available

Some issues need unique skill sets to solve complex issues, and that is where we can help. For any complex issues, our level 3 engineers are available for escalated tickets or calls.

Monitoring & Maintenance Agreement (MMA)

At Servers Australia, we want to make sure our customers know what’s happening with their cloud workloads. Monitoring and maintaining your environment 24/7 takes time and effort. By purchasing a Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement (MMA), your business can focus on growth, while our enterprise Monitoring and Maintenance platform oversees all of your cloud workloads.

Compliance Server Hardening

We ensure your server has been hardened to meet our compliance requirements when hosting your services in the cloud.

Operating System

Let us manage all your Windows & Linux Operating System updates and schedule reboots after hours for any patches that require a restart.

Monitoring and Metrics Portal

We've worked hard to ensure that our VMware Private Cloud is competitively priced. By the time you consider other providers hidden costs for extras, you'll see our solution includes it all.

On-demand vulnerability scans

With your server connected to our MMA platform, you can request an on-demand vulnerability scan to discover any remediation recommendations. The actioning of these recommendations can vary service to service so are not applied automatically.