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We're a VMware Principal Partner providing cutting-edge virtualisation solutions, delivering a seamless and dynamic computing experience for your business.

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Embrace a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Servers Australia has partnered with VMware to make multi-cloud a reality for businesses. Our multi-cloud services are designed to build, run, manage and secure any app on any cloud.

  • A Single Operating Model Across Clouds
  • Integrated Workforce Solutions
  • Migrate Seamlessly to Any Cloud
  • Full-Stack Application Modernisation
  • Connected Security that Delivers Full Visibility
  • Confident Ransomware Recovery
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Industry-leading virtualisation and cloud computing platform

Empowering businesses to streamline IT infrastructure, boost operational efficiency, and adapt to the demands of today's ever-evolving digital world.


  • Resource Optimisation: Utilisation of server resources, leading to cost savings through server consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery: Allowing for easy disaster recovery by replicating virtual machines to remote sites
  • Security: Isolation of virtual machines and network segments, minimising the risk of one VM compromising another
  • Cost Savings: Reducing the number of physical servers needed can significantly reduce hardware and energy costs
  • Scalability: Scale your virtual infrastructure up or down to meet changing business needs
  • Business Continuity: Ensuring business continuity by minimising downtime in the event of hardware failures

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Use Cases

Why users and businesses choose to use VMware.

Server Virtualisation

Run multiple virtual servers on a single physical host, saving on hardware costs, enhancing resource utilization, and streamlining management

Business Continuity

Ensure high availability of critical applications through features like vSphere HA, reducing downtime and data loss risks

Resource Optimisation

Use Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to balance workloads across hosts automatically, optimizing resource distribution

Disaster Recovery

Leverage VMware for robust disaster recovery solutions, replicating VMs to remote sites for data protection and availability

Cloud Integration

Seamlessly integrate with cloud services to scale resources and support hybrid cloud environments, promoting flexibility and agility

Security and Isolation

Isolate VMs within the virtual environment to maintain data security, safeguard against breaches, and ensure secure multi-tenancy

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