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Buy Australian Cloud Servers to ensure faster access, lower latency, improved performance and ensure your sensitive data is stored within Australia for data sovereignty & compliance.

Cloud Servers

Scalable and flexible Cloud Servers

Delivering computing power, storage, and network connectivity, perfect for all business types.

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Cloud Servers refers to a virtual server that operates in a cloud computing environment. Instead of relying on a physical server located on-premises, a cloud server utilises the resources of a cloud infrastructure provider to deliver computing power, storage, and network connectivity.

  • Great for small businesses offering cost-effective infrastructure options for people who may not have the expertise to manage physical servers
  • Websites and small businesses allowing them to scale their infrastructure as their business grows
  • Development and testing environments allows you to quickly provision with specific configurations
  • Content Delivery and Media allowing users to share and distribute content over the internet to end users reducing latency

Choose Australian Cloud Servers

By choosing Servers Australia, you can be assured that your Cloud Server is physically located in Australia.

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Data Sovereignty has never been so important in todays digital landscape. By using Australian cloud servers, businesses can ensure compliance with data sovereignty regulations and maintain control over their data.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Australia has its own set of data protection and privacy regulations, in which businesses can align their infrastructure with local regulatory requirements and facilitate compliance
  • Using Servers Australia's Cloud Servers can help with Industry Specific Requirements and maintain data integrity and security within the country's borders
  • Network Connectivity - Improved network performance, reduced latency, and more reliable connectivity for businesses operating within Australia
  • Support and Service Availability - We're 24/7 Australian-based support which can help businesses during regular operating hours
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Cloud Server Pricing

A range of Cloud Servers for any type of business. Scale resources as you need, get DDoS and High Availability (HA) FREE!

Essentials Cloud Servers




Servers Australia's Essentials Cloud Servers are a great choice for any business and designed as an ideal balance between CPU, memory and storage.
  • Great for every day business
  • No noisy neighbours
  • Scale as you need
  • DDoS Protection FREE!
  • High Availability (HA) FREE!
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Storage Cloud Servers




Designed for enterprise workloads that require large data storage and a high level of read/write performance and applications with high storage requirements.
  • Excellent for big data
  • No noisy neighbours
  • Scale as you need
  • DDoS Protection FREE!
  • High Availability (HA) FREE!
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Why Choose Servers Australia for Cloud Servers?

Proximity and Low Latency

Many other providers Cloud Servers are overseas, we're in Australia and can benefit from our physical proximity

Data Sovereignty and Compliance

Hosting your data within Australia can help ensure compliance with local data protection and privacy regulations

Improved Accessibility

Having servers in the same time zone can simplify coordination with your technical team or support staff, ensuring faster response times and more efficient communication

Network Infrastructure

We're supporting large private network infrastructure, including reliable internet connectivity, high-speed data transfer, reducing network bottlenecks and providing a stable environment for cloud hosting

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

With redundant power sources and network connectivity, Servers Australia provides high availability and robust disaster recovery options

Scalability and Flexibility

Offering a wide range of scalable infrastructure options. Whether you need virtual machines, storage, or other cloud services, we can offer flexible solutions that can grow with your business needs

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