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RADOS Block Device (RBD)

Servers Australia provides a RADOS Block Device (RBD) which is a software-defined storage solution that allows users to create and manage block-level storage within our Enterprise Ceph storage clusters.

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RADOS Block Device (RBD) is a software-defined storage solution that is part of the Ceph storage system. RBD allows users to create and manage block-level storage within a Ceph cluster. This means that RBD can be used as a traditional block device, like a hard drive, which can be accessed by different types of applications and services.

  • Move your storage to the cloud
  • Keep your data secure & safe in Equinix Data Centres
  • Focus on your business, not on site IT infrastructure
  • No hardware refreshes every few years

Storage Pricing

Rados Block Device (RDB)

Flexibility in Cloud Storage

Quick provisioning, and scalable storage solution for file & backup needs.


  • Software-defined storage for added flexibility
  • Scalable for data durability
  • High Availability for stress free management
  • Snapshot for high performance
  • Cross-platform compatibility for backups
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Use Cases for RADOS Block Device (RBD) storage

Many businesses will have a need for storage based in the cloud. The only question that remains is WHY haven't they moved their storage requirements to the cloud?

Big Data and Analytics

RBD can be used to store large amounts of data for big data and analytics workloads

Backup Storage

If you are running a customer backup script or backup software that requires scalable storage, RBD allows you to map a folder to allow scalable storage to meet your needs.

Cloud-Native Applications

RBD can be used to provide storage for cloud-native applications, such as Kubernetes, that need persistent storage for their stateful workloads

Choosing the right Cloud Storage

Choosing the right cloud storage can be difficult and is one of the most important decisions a business can make when moving to the cloud.
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Servers Australia is your answer. The sales team provided you the options to suit your budget/needs. The delivery team works tirelessly to meet the deadline. The support team is equipped with knowledge and experience.

We did the migration of our web server and it was the smoothest project I ever done.

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Santi - 24 Oct 2022

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