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Veeam Cloud Connect

Enjoy fast and secure backup to the cloud, all from a single web based console. As a Veeam CSP Gold Partner, you can rely on our cutting-edge backup services.

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Fast, secure cloud-based backup

Master the 3-2-1-1-0 rule without investing money and resources into a second site or adding bandwidth.

Veeam Cloud Connect offers fast and secure backup and recovery for data-centres, endpoints and the cloud, all from a single web-based console.

  • Stay safe from ransomware
  • Save on Infrastructure and licensing costs
  • Meet recovery point objectives (RPO's)
  • Send backups to Servers Australia
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Veeam Cloud Connect

A simple way to backup almost anything to the cloud

Works with your Virtual Machines, Dedicated Servers, and Office Workstations, from anywhere in the world!

Features & Benefits

  • Offsite Backup: Send data to the cloud for protection against local disasters, ensuring data availability and reducing risk
  • Secure Data Transfer: Encrypted transmission maintains data integrity during transfer, safeguarding sensitive information
  • Quick Recovery: Cloud-based backups enable faster restoration of critical systems, minimising downtime
  • Scalable Storage: Cloud repositories accommodate data growth without the need for hardware upgrades
  • Multi-Tenancy: Managed service providers can serve multiple clients efficiently using a single infrastructure

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Veeam Cloud Connect Use Cases

Ways in which Veeam Cloud Connect is helping businesses.

Seamless Data Backup

Veeam Cloud Connect enables businesses to effortlessly back up their data to secure offsite locations for added protection

Disaster Recovery Assurance

With Veeam Cloud Connect, businesses can ensure their critical systems are backed up offsite, ensuring swift recovery in case of disruptions

Efficient Scalability

Veeam Cloud Connect offers scalable cloud resources, allowing businesses to expand their storage and compute capabilities as needed

Cost-effective Solution

Businesses can avoid large upfront investments by leveraging Veeam Cloud Connect's subscription-based pricing model

Remote Work Readiness

Veeam Cloud Connect helps businesses maintain business continuity by providing remote access to critical data and applications

Automated Monitoring

Businesses benefit from automated monitoring and management of their backup processes, minimising manual intervention

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Data protection starts with Veeam Cloud Connect

Experience the simplicity and reliability of Veeam's industry-leading technology, backed by our expertise in seamless cloud integration.

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