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Turn up the heat on your competition with a Blaze Dedicated Server.

Last Updated: May 2nd, 2023 4 min read Severs Australia

Blaze Servers

What are the business benefits of a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server, powered by Intel®, does exactly what it says – it’s a single, stand-alone server dedicated 100% to a single business user. The advantage of a Blaze Dedicated Server is it allows you to have complete control over the hosting environment, so you can optimise the system to suit the specific performance, access, security and upgrade flexibility requirements of your business:

More control – Only your IT administrators control the server, its apps and operating systems

Higher performance – Dedicated CPU, RAM and NVME Storage provide faster responses time and improved application performance.

Stronger security – Because you don’t share the server with other businesses the risk of malware, ransomware or virus attack is substantially reduced

Greater flexibility – Fully customisable, easy to add new software as your business grows.

What kind of business needs a Dedicated Server?

The simple answer is any business that’s running applications and software that create intensive workloads such as website and app hosting, live media streaming, communication apps, storing and processing Big Data, Machine Learning and business CRM or ERP systems.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that and varies from business to business but if your company is growing quickly, provides customers with online sales and billing options, wants to boost its SEO rankings or is interested in implementing stronger security for company and customer data protection, a Blaze Dedicated Server could be your next step.

Why choose a Blaze Dedicated Server?

The Blaze Dedicated Server series from Servers Australia lets you serve your applications faster than ever, making a massive difference to the end-user experience.

Featuring the power of Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE Gen10 Plus servers, supported by the amazing predictive HPE InfoSite monitoring and based in world-class Australian Equinix Data Centres, the system is perfect for E-commerce websites, gaming services, video streaming services, big data analytics and high-traffic websites.

Servers Australia offers three different Blaze Dedicated Servers, with configurations to suit a wide range of business requirements.

More speed, more customers.

Because a Blaze Dedicated Server gives you access to high performance resources, it’s ideal for businesses with large traffic volume traffic websites.

From online shopping to browsing for information to researching products or services, people demand instant, effortless online experiences. Did you know that Industry statistics indicate that a 1 second delay in loading speed can cost you 7% of your sales conversions?

A Blaze Dedicated Server can help your customers enjoy a faster, smooth user-experience every time they connect with you, encouraging more sales and better word of mouth about your business.

More control, more security.

A Blaze Dedicated Server provides a high-performance platform for your business to build a higher level of IT and data control, enabling the creation of an environment that helps keep you safe from data loss and malicious cyber-attacks.

Virtually every business handles sensitive information about customers, clients, suppliers and staff, so you need to ensure your data protection is second to none as a serious data breach can cost a great deal more than just stolen information – your reputation can be severely compromised, you could face legal action and the financial implications could be catastrophic.

Configuring a security environment to suit your specific business and compliance requirements, providing customers, clients, suppliers and staff with confidence in their sensitive data is critical. Having a server located in Australia also provides for data sovereignty compliance requirements.

More expertise, more support.

Another benefit of choosing a Blaze dedicated server is the expert advice you can rely on from the Servers Australia team. From choosing which Blaze dedicated server is best for your business, to implementation and installation support, and ongoing customer service, we’re here to ensure your Dedicated Server delivers optimum performance at all times.

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Servers Australia delivers the highest quality dedicated servers for web hosting, web development companies and digital agencies to support their IT infrastructure needs and encourage business growth.

From website speed and performance to security concerns and technical support, we’re the acknowledged experts in:

  • Blaze high-performance Dedicated Server solutions

  • Easy migration and expert management

  • 24/7 local infrastructure management support, 365 days a year

  • DDoS protection

  • Tailored solutions

  • Backup solutions for data protection

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