Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are virtual, reliable and scalable servers in the Cloud. You’ll have the freedom to choose your own operating system with the resources you need, as your business needs it.

Get your business hosted in the Cloud with Servers Australia Cloud Servers. You’re allocated your own resources (RAM, bandwidth and server space) which you don’t share with any other customers. With your own resources, you won’t have to worry about any sudden traffic surges with your neighbours impacting on your business!

If you want flexibility in resources, value in price and don’t want the hassle of running your own physical server whilst maintaining your own network, Servers Australia’s Cloud Servers are a great solution.


24/7 Australian-Based Support

Multiple Distros

Windows, Linux, cPanel

Instant Provisioning

Up and running in minutes

All-Flash NVMe Storage

Solid State Performance Drives

Root Access

Full control over your own resources

Highly Available

Dual zone across two Data Centres

DDos Protection

Mitigation & Scrubbing Services

VMware vSan™

Hyperconverged storage


These servers provide the ideal balance between CPU, memory and storage. They are suitable for running a wide variety of enterprise workloads such as website hosting, application servers, small and medium-sized databases, Kubernetes cluster nodes, or test/staging environments.

Plus these instances come with High Availability (HA) built in by running across Dual Availability Zones.

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* Price Per Month (ex gst)


Designed for enterprise workloads that require large data storage and a high level of read/write performance. They are well suited for large relational and NoSQL databases, big data processing, data warehousing and data lakes, or other applications with high storage requirements.

Plus the NVMe Storage is Highly Available (HA) utilising vSAN which is run across Dual Availability Zones.

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* Price Per Month (ex gst)

Server Addons


Price ex.GST/month

100GB Shared Storage Backups $60.00
200GB Shared Storage Backups $100.00
500GB Shared Storage Backups $150.00
1000GB Shared Storage Backups $200.00
Dedicated 1TB Backup Server $299.00
Dedicated 2TB Backup Server $349.00
Dedicated 3TB Backup Server $399.00
Dedicated 4TB Backup Server $449.00


Price ex.GST/month

Firewall - 1Gbit throughput $99.00
Firewall - 10Gbit throughput $199.00

Operating Systems

Price ex.GST/month

Windows 2019 License per 2 physical cores (minimum 8 cores) $8.50
Windows Data Centre Edition License per 2 physical cores (minimum 8 cores) $65.45
SQL Server Standard Edition License per 2 physical cores (minimum 4 cores) $308.18
SQL Web Edition License per 2 physical cores (minimum 4 cores) $19.26
Debian 9   FREE
Ubuntu 18   FREE
Ubuntu 20   FREE
CentOS 7   FREE
VMware vSphere (ESXi)   FREE

Control Panel

Price ex.GST/month

cPanel Solo Cloud and Metal $19.65
cPanel Cloud Admin (up to 5 accounts) $20.96
cPanel Cloud Pro (up to 30 accounts) $29.35
cPanel Cloud Plus (up to 50 accounts) $41.93
cPanel Cloud or Metal Premier (51-100 accounts) $53.66


Price ex.GST/month

Hybrid Storage $0.10 (per GB)
Hybrid Replicated Storage $0.10 (per GB)
All Flash Storage $0.20 (per GB)
All Flash Replicated Storage $0.20 (per GB)
Essential Data Protection Plan - 7 x daily snapshots $99.00 (per month)
Advanced Data Protection Plan - 12 x hourly snapshots and 7 x daily snapshots $199.00 (per month)
Enterprise Data Protection Plan - 8 x 15 minute snapshots for 2 hours, 12 x hourly snapshots and 7 x daily snapshots $499.00 (per month)

Data Packs

Price ex.GST/month

1,000GB (~1TB) Bandwidth $60.00
2,000GB (~2TB) Bandwidth $106.00
5,000GB (~5TB) Bandwidth $199.00
10,000GB (~10TB) Bandwidth $330.00
20,000GB (~20TB) Bandwidth $600.00
40,000GB (~40TB) Bandwidth $1200.00
60,000GB (~60TB) Bandwidth $1680.00
For anything over 60TB, contact our Solutions advisors for a custom quote  

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