Data Centres

Secure and reliable top tier Data Centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. Featuring state-of-the-art security, N+1 Power and cooling.

Central CBD Data Centre locations with easy access to equipment, tools and Crash Carts. Facilities include Showers, Kiosks, Wifi and conference rooms.

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Partner Award

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Strategically Located

Central CBD locations

International Cables

Entry points to International Cabling

Biometric Scanners

State-of-the-art Security

Temperature & Humidity

N+1 redundancy

Dual Zone

Redundancy piece of mind

Power Redundancy

Power Distribution – N+1 redundancy


Equinix SY4

equinix logo Equinix SY4

Equinix SY3

equinix logo Equinix SY3

Equinix BR1

equinix logo Equinix BR1

Equinix ME1

equinix logo Equinix ME1

Equinix PE2

equinix logo Equinix PE2

The Servers Australia Network

We're connected throughout Australia and New Zealand and we're one of Australia's largest private networks. See how we connect to the rest of the world!

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