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MySAU Online Portal is everything you need to look after your services in one central location. From purchasing products & services to restarting your Cloud Server, our online portal gives you the tools you need to run your business infrastructure with no fuss.

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Usage and Stats

View CPU usage and Event Logs

Access and Control

For Cloud, Stop, start and reboot

Customise your services

Need more bandwidth, IP's, SSL's

Get the Big Picture

Your products and services in one place

Get Support Fast

Fast access to support and live response

100% Network Uptime

Guaranteed Network Uptime

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Up and running in minutes

DDos Protection

Mitigation & Scrubbing Services

Usage and stats

Usage and Stats

See graphs on CPU usage to make sure your server is performing. Show event logs on Start, Stop and Reeboot.

Customise your services

All your services in one area. Add more Bandwidth, IP's, order SSL certificates domains, grab a Cloud Server Instantly.

Customise Services

Prepay and Payments

Prepay with Paypal and save or make secure payments, major Credit Cards accepted.