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Your Private Cloud

A completely managed and scalable solution. Your own Private Cloud environment with geographical redundancy, management functionality through a simple portal, while all 100% hosted within Australia.

We’ve partnered with industry-leading vendors; VMware®, Veeam®, Hewlett Packard Enterprise® and Equinix ®, to deliver a Private Cloud solution that’s designed for mission-critical infrastructure and services ideal for supporting businesses like yours. Whether you are migrating, consolidating or replacing your on-premises workloads to the Cloud, our Private Cloud solution can be customised to fit your specific needs.


On-demand, self-service access to dedicated infrastructure


Dedicated resources, latest in technology

Powered by VMware NSX®

Enhanced security of storage, network and compute layers


Customize your own resources

Spin it up

Spin up a new Virtual Host whenever you need it

Highly Available

Dual zone across two Data Centres

Keep your data safe

Use NSX to create your own VPN Connections

VMWare vSAN™

Hyperconverged storage

Why our Private Cloud

Your hosting can fail in many ways. The network goes down, your storage and your backups get crypto locked, a data centre loses power. We’ve gone through them all and designed a solution that will remain online no matter what.

  • Your own Private Dedicated Cloud on dedicated hardware
  • Highest Performance VMware servers in Australia.
  • Protected from human error, deletion or corruption
  • Protected from hardware and power failure

The big difference

By having your Private Cloud run from two different data centres, we’re able to mitigate 70% of the problems you’ll face in the event of an outage. If something fails in one data centre, it’ll failover to the other in minutes.

The second difference is the disaster recovery built-in. The rest of the problems come down to your data and backups. For example, if your servers get crypto locked (passworded) and then your backups get crypto locked as well, you can’t use them. This solution prevents these problems and many others so whenever you need your data or backups, they are there.


High Availaiblity

Achieve high availability with VMware’s latest infrastructure. Learning from the problems of every previous infrastructure approach, VMware’s Hyper-converged solution provides true high availability by solving all 4 of the failure points, storage, compute, networking and management.

  • If your compute server or networking fails, it’ll failover to another working node or route instantly.
  • If your storage fails, it’ll restore in minutes with zero data missing
  • Solving all 4 of the failure points, storage, compute, networking and management

Firewalls & Security

Platform-wide measures and features protect every aspect of your private cloud solution.

  • Distributed Switching & Dynamic Routing
  • Edge Distributed Firewall, NAT & Load Balancing
  • Advanced Networking (VPN - L2 or L3, SSL Termination and more)

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data backup done right. At least 3 independent copies on 2 different types of media with 1 backup copy offsite.

  • Backing up to separate Data Centre
  • Actively backing up to a disaster recovery server
  • Safe and unaffected by ransomware & malicious attacks

Dedicated Hardware

We have partnered with HPe to deliver dedicated physical servers driven by VMware's Enterprise Hypercoverged Technology. Giving you the ultimate in private cloud solutions.

  • Highest performance and security
  • Eliminate disruption and problems from other customers hosted on the same hardware
  • Reliability - World’s best selling servers for a reason

Data Centres

Your dedicated cloud hardware is hosted in Australia’s best data centres. Equinix Sydney SY3 and SY4.

  • Won Australian data centre of the year twice
  • Won Asia-Pacific data centre services provider of the year twice too!
  • Excellent network connectivity via Cloud connect to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, IBM and more

Professional Services

Get 24/7 server management and technical support from our local engineers in our Australian based offices.

  • Support Services
  • Monitoring
  • Management & Updates
  • Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Custom Reporting

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Is Private Cloud right for you?

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