VoIP/Voice Services


Servers Australia offer business grade Voice over IP solutions for all levels of business. Our robust, scalable, and affordable voice termination provides long distance, local, mobile, and other voice services to retail VoIP providers across Australia to enable them to satisfy their customers' need for high-performance, quality-critical, low-cost voice solutions.
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Hosted PBX

Save time and money and simplify management by moving your customers to a carrier grade hosted PBX infrastructure. By hosting rather than having a traditional in-house PBX system, you can eliminate the costs for upgrading, maintenance and management with the additional ability to scale easily to suit your needs.
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Data Networks

Broadband and IP Transit

By utilising the Servers Australia network, startup ISP's and businesses that want to expand their product range into the ADSL and internet connectivity market can do so without the expense of setting up a network and installing expensive infrastructure.
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Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is an advanced multi-carrier service for businesses wanting to connect multiple offices across Australia or the world, connecting offices to a data centre, or linking multiple data centres together.
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3G Wireless

We provide retailers the ability to provide their customers with affordable wireless connectivity, giving customers the freedom they need whilst still being able to integrate into an existing network.
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