VPN Providers

We're one of Australia's largest Private Networks, so when it comes to VPN providers, we know how to set you up for optimal perfomance.

We host many VPN providers who look to us for our interconnections as our network spans all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. So you can leverage our Private Network for your own custom server, ask us for a pricing guarantee, we're also a VPN Iaas Provider and what's even better is we don't throttle your ports.

Cheapest Data Pricing

Price Guarantee!

No Throttled Ports

1GBe & 10Gbe Ports

Major CBD Locations

Syd, Melb, Bris, Perth, NZ

Custom Servers

Customisable server specifications

DDoS Protection

Mitigation & Scrubbing Services

100% Network Uptime

Guaranteed Network Uptime

Flexible Contracts

Custom Contracts Available

VPN IaaS Provider

Hosting the worlds largest providers!