Equinix Data Centres

Equinix SY4 Data Centre, Sydney, NSW Australia

Equinix™ Data Centres have spent the last 20 years becoming one of the world’s most respected experts in running mission-critical Data Centre facilities.

Their International Business Exchange (IBX®) infrastructure and industry-leading engineers and IT experts mean that their global uptime is an unprecedented >99.9999% across over 200 international Data Centres. This means that Servers Australia can offer our Colocation customers redundancy and reliability on every level from power to cooling and beyond. So, what makes our Data Centres stand out from the rest?

Equinix Data Centre design

Equinix™ boasts many years of operational knowledge and has an extensive international footprint giving our Data Centres the backing of experience and industry excellence in terms of design. There is also a highly qualified team of professionals ensuring that our Data Centres keep running at optimum levels by identifying any known risks and eliminating them before they impact our clients.

Equinix™ prides itself on exceeding the internationally recognised standards of ANSI/TIA-942. This is a set of standards published by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It provides strict Data Centre design guidelines that need to be considered in terms of layout, space, cabling infrastructure, reliability and environmental conditions. This means that our Data Centres meet and exceed international industry standards, so your IT infrastructure is housed in a facility that keeps your business up and running, even if the worst happens.

The TIA-942: Data Centre Standards Overview divides Data Centre design into 4 Tiers that are used as a benchmark for rating facility infrastructure. You can read more about this rating system in our Tier Rated Data Centres article.

Data Centre tier ratings

Data Centre tiers 1&2

Tiers 1 & 2 refer to the most basic Data Centres where levels of fault tolerance and concurrent maintainability are non-existent or low.

Data Centre tier 3

Tier 3 allows for a concurrently maintainable site, multiple power and cooling distribution paths and an ongoing annual uptime of 99.982%.

Data Centre tier 4

Tier 4 Data Centres provide the highest levels of fault tolerance and an annual uptime availability of 99.995%. We offer exceptional concurrent maintainability, maximum fault tolerance and a global annual uptime of >99.999% so our Data Centres exceed Tier 4 requirements and mean that our clients can choose Servers Australia with confidence.

Operational Requirements

The physical design of a Data Centre is essential in maintaining the uptime of your IT infrastructure. However, the processes, systems and management of the facility are just as important. Our Equinix™ Data Centres employ teams of staff that take care of everything including construction, engineering, security and overall operations. The main purpose of these teams is to ensure every individual cabinet sees an uptime of 99.9999%, which is higher than that of any Tier 4 facility.

Our Data Centre’s and the processes used to run them are also ISO27001 certified. This means that our security management systems meet global standards and offer an independent, external review of our security practices. Our clients can be assured that placing their IT infrastructure in one of our ISO27001 accredited Data Centre’s will keep their critical and sensitive data safe and secure.

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