Servers Australia acquires Dedicated Servers, Indigo and Syncom as part of a larger strategy to become Australia’s largest dedicated hosting provider

Servers Australia has today announced their acquisition of hosting companies Dedicated Servers, Indigo, and Syncom; three long term established businesses in the hosting market.

The deal came with two data centres that will be owned and operated by Servers Australia, consisting of over 300 racks, 3,000 servers and serveral thousand customers. This will benefit the Servers Australia current and newly aquired customer base now and into the future.

These acquisitions have now positioned Servers Australia as the largest dedicated hosting provider in Australia, with the largest private hosting network spanning 17 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Key staff members from the Dedicated Servers, Indigo and Syncom teams will remain working under Servers Australia, expanding the support team available for both their customers and Servers Australia’s existing customers.

Dedicated Servers, Indigo and Syncom customers will get access to a new control panel, better support and improved services. They will also receive 24/7 support with guaranteed 30 minute response times along with Servers Australia’s 8am-8pm locally based phone support team.

Servers Australia Chief Executive Officer, Jared Hirst, is excited about the expansion and opportunities this brings “The assets of the four companies combined together will be really beneficial to our existing customers as well as our new ones. With the expansion it means we can offer more locations, more support staff and a better network than ever before.”

This announcement comes shortly after the sale of Servers Australia’s shared hosting customers to VentraIP Australia.

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