February Updates

Servers Australia Updates

Development Update

MySAU Team Permissions

When setting up your team members within MySAU, there are a list of powerful and flexible permission and notification options that allow you to control what your team members have access to within your account – but we fully understand this can sometimes be a little confusing or overly detailed – we’ve listened, and we’ve now released a much more simple permission system!

When you set up a new team member (or edit an existing one), you can now select a preset group of permissions and notifications based on their role. Support? Billing? Admin? Select your group, and we’ll assign the appropriate permissions.

But don’t worry, permissions can still be tweaked or created from scratch for the more hardcore amongst us that need to keep the extra flexibility and granularity.

Colocation – Bask in the Power

As Equinix build out their APIs, we’ve been busy tapping into them. The first step for full rack colocation customers is you can now view your power usage within the MySAU portal, as well as view historical usage over time in pretty graph form.

Check out your service details summary page within MySAU!

Support Cases – Next level control

As an account owner, you now have the ability to turn on a feature that will allow you to view all of your team’s support cases, as well as reply to them.

This has been quite a popular request – this will allow you to keep in the loop without needing to ask your team members to manually share cases with you.

To turn this feature on, simply login to your account, go to the Cases page and click the cog icon, and tick the box – done!

This is only available to account owners to ensure privacy.

Support and Engineering Update

Scam Emails and phone calls

Over the last few months, we have seen higher than normal reports of scam emails and phone calls. The calls are from an automated system and claim to be from “Services Australia” which can easily be misheard as Servers Australia. Due to this fact, we have had many customers alert us to the calls.

There has also been an increase in .au domain name registrants being targeted by phishing emails from people posing as auDA, requesting documents or verification of contact information. If you receive an email requesting this information, do not reply to it or click any links in it. auDA will only request this kind of material via registrars.

If you have provided your personal details in response to an email you believe may have been a phishing email, we highly recommend you report this to your State or Territory police force, and to the Australian Cyber Security Centre via cyber.gov.au/report.

If you receive emails or calls of this nature, please notify ACCC’s Scamwatch.

Sales and Product Updates

After a very brief slow down over Christmas, the Sales and Account Management team have been busy making sure that we are helping our customers with building out and refining their solutions. There’s been so much change to the way our customers have had to do business last year with a lot of “scrambling” to keep up with the demands. So, we are encouraging everyone to take a moment to review your current Infrastructure strategies and make sure you have a holistic plan that supports your growth, security and business continuity.

One thing we are talking to customers about specifically is Virtualisation. If you haven’t virtualised yet, we see this as one way to create resilience in your application layer and improve on availability.

Drop us a line if you want a solution review or to learn more and we will be happy to help.

VMware Cloud Verified

Being a VMware Cloud Verified provider means we are one of a limited number of providers with certified capabilities to deliver customers the leading cloud virtualisation platform. Now more than ever, the ability to seamlessly run, manage, connect and secure applications across private and public clouds in a common operating environment is a necessity. The official VMware Cloud Verified logo appears on our website and we’re proud to have it displayed.

Check out our listing here.

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