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Development Update

Direct Debit Payments:

You may have already noticed, but we have added Direct Debit to the portal as a supported payment option for customers!

Now you can simply go into your MySAU account > click on payment options > and enter into your Direct Debit information.

While Direct Debit transactions usually take between 3-5 days, you never need to worry about a late payment! Once an invoice is paid by Direct Debit, we move the invoice into a “pending payment” state while the payment clears.

Log in to the portal here and set up your Direct Debit now!

Colo Access Requests: Faster, Easier, Better

For colocation customers with rack space in our Equinix data centres, we’ve removed the 4 hour lead time for requests made through your MySAU portal account.

A little while ago we added automation that will take your access request from the MySAU portal and send it directly to your specific Equinix DC. We’ve monitored these requests, and due to the success of the integration work, we’ve now lifted the 4-hour limit.

This means if you need fast access to your Equinix DC, the quickest and easiest way is to login to your MySAU portal account and request access from there, and Apiro will do the rest!

Safari and Those Pesky Cookies

You may have read in the news recently that while the major browsers have been aiming to remove support for third-party cookies for a while now, Apple’s Safari browser quickly made the cut.

While this didn’t affect our systems directly, it did affect some of the software we use within the MySAU portal. While it wasn’t a widespread issue, some of you did notice some odd screen flickering when trying to access some parts of the MySAU portal using Safari on your iPhone.

We reached out to our suppliers, and they quickly pushed out an update to their system, fixing this particular issue.

Third-party cookies are still very popular with some web-based embedded scripts, and so if you have an interest in web software, it’s certainly worth a Google!

OS Updates

We now support CentOS 8 and Debian 10!

Debian 10 is now available to install when buying your next dedicated server. Additionally, CentOS 8 is available for selection on both Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers.

Customer Experience

We’re always looking to improve the Servers Australia experience, that’s why we’ve decided to send an automatic survey once a case or order is completed.

These survey results are reviewed every day by our management team, and we take all feedback seriously.

The survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

We look forward to receiving your feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Network Embargo

Network Embargo PeriodDec 18, 15:00 – Jan 4, 09:00 AEDT

Servers Australia will be implementing a change freeze on core network changes between 03:00 PM, 18th December 2020 and 09:00 AM, 4th of January 2021. During this time there will be a delay on provisioning new services with an extended delay for services that require core network changes.

All general changes will continue to be made and the Servers Australia NOC will be available during business hours to support any services.

Backups – Have you remembered yours?

When was the last time you checked your backups?

It’s more and more important these days to ensure you have a good backup strategy. How long a recovery will take and how far back in time you can recover a backup from is a very important consideration, particularly when it comes to Ransomeware.

Cyber-criminals understand the value of business data. Ransomware attacks are on the increase globally and are also becoming more sophisticated. Being able to restore your applications and data from a time prior to an attack provides your business with a quick recovery option allowing time to identify and protect against further intrusion.

If you are concerned about your backup strategy and would like to review this with our team give us a call on 1300 788 862.

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