Last Updated on August 20, 2021

Servers Australia provides full DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to all clients included in our Solutions. This mean as a standard you will benefit from our advanced DDoS protection services within our network and also our Upstream relationships with other Tier 1 Network providers who provide us with additional DDoS mitigation services.

What this means is that, Servers Australia will absorb and mitigate any detected attacks destined to any IP address or server that is on the Servers Australia network.

Data Scrubbing example

Servers Australia currently utilises NSFocus for our DDoS mitigation. These are physical appliances specifically designed to identify and filter DDoS attacks. Unlike other anti-DDoS products that rely on null routes, traffic thresholds, and packet limits to mitigate DDoS attacks, NSFOCUS ADS uses a multi-stage inspection and analysis process that combines RFC checks, protocol analysis, access control lists, IP reputation, anti-spoofing, L4-L7 algorithmic analysis, user behavior analysis, regular expressions, connection/rate limiting, and more to mitigate attacks.

This comprehensive approach leads to the lowest rates of both false positives and negatives as compared to any other technology. Not only is it highly accurate, it is also highly effective at mitigating DDoS attack traffic.

Servers Australia uses NSFocus for DDoS mitigation

These devices are currently deployed in our Sydney and Melbourne POP’s. Additionally we have partners upstream to mitigate DDoS in other locations.

In the event that we are not able to mitigate an attack at our network level, we will request our upstream providers to do mitigation, where we have paid contracts in place to clean large and small attacks. In the even that we cannot clean a very large DDoS attack, then we will unfortunately have to Black Hole the IP or shut the service down temporarily. 

Servers Australia is very proud to be able to mitigate some of the largest DDoS attacks that have been destined to Australian sites hosted on our network, and our aim is to be able to keep clients online during at attack.