Case Study: Totecs & Squizz

About the business

Since 2001, Totecs has offered B2B and B2C integrated eCommerce websites to clients selling everything from office supplies to healthcare equipment to hospitality supplies. During their first 4 years of business, Totecs had already processed a billion dollars’ worth of sales transactions. As the company grew, they noticed B2B suppliers seemed to be hitting an online sales ceiling. 

The problem was that both buyers and suppliers needed to reconcile purchase orders with invoices, doubling data input efforts. Totecs already had a powerful ordering and account management system that helped to close this gap. However, full automation was needed to get the maximum value. This was the inspiration for the formation of is a secure platform that allows buyers and suppliers to register their business and invite other companies to link systems and trade. Each organisation connects its business software into the secure vault and SQUIZZ takes care of the rest. 

Customer Objective

Totecs and continued to go from strength to strength, but they were hosting their servers with a service provider and managing their own hardware. The business was busy, and they no longer wanted to self-manage their hardware. So, they began the process of finding an alternative solution. They required a highly available, scalable and secure infrastructure solution backed by 24/7 access to Australian based support. 

From the outset, technological expertise and prompt service were a priority, as was scalability for business growth. They are responsible for a large volume of highly sensitive client information, so downtime and security were a top priority. Servers Australia was able to provide multiple options around data recovery, scalability, security and high performing dedicated hardware to suit the business’s needs and budget. 

Value Add

Initially, Totecs/SQUIZZ considered other well-known international cloud service providers. However, the larger players in the cloud services industry had no guarantees on down-time. It was also clear that there would be no guaranteed priority service when things went wrong.

So what made Servers Australia stand out to Totecs and in a sea of competitors? Three words: support, scalability and uptime. Servers Australia offers Dedicated Servers, effective data backup, spam filters and 24/7 Australian based support. In essence, we provided a Private Cloud environment tailored to suit our client’s business needs. 

The entire infrastructure is set up in Server Australia’s top-tier Data Centres. It’s designed to be redundant, meaning that it will detect failures and transfer services to a backup server, so downtime is non-existent. Additional servers can be added as they’re required. This allows for a highly secure, scalable, private network functionality.  

Servers Australia would manage all of the hardware, and technical assistance was available 24/7, further minimising any possible downtime. Servers Australia offers Australian based support, so Totecs/SQUIZZ knew that they wouldn’t be number 50,000 in a queue when technical support was required. 

Business Outcomes

The managed Dedicated Server model has proven to be the perfect fit for Totecs/SQUIZZ. It allows them to access the powerful hardware they need when they need it without the hassle of having to manage it themselves.   

The stable foundation offered by a strong data storage solution has given Totecs/SQUIZZ the ability to develop their business model sustainably. Putting them in a great position to support its customers while growing their business. 

“Our business has 5 dedicated servers housing our client’s sensitive data. Our business continues to grow, and I don’t have time to worry about server downtime or managing hardware. With Servers Australia, any issues are resolved quickly and effectively. We focus on what we do best, and we trust Servers Australia to do what they do best. After 6 years, I have absolutely no complaints!” Glenn Drew – CEO, Totecs/SQUIZZ 

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