Why choose VMware?

VMware offers the rock-solid virtualisation and cloud platform to build your virtual environment while running any application on any device either on-premises or in the cloud with more than 500,000 customers and 75000 partners worldwide.

If you’re an SMB or an enterprise, you can take the following advantages from VMware:

  • It supports the largest number of guest operating systems (OS) such as Amazon Linux 2 64bit, Apple macOS 64bit, OS X 10.x 64bit, Asianux, Linux, and  Windows flavours, etc.
  • Supports extensive enterprise application vendors such as Dell, SAP, Oracle, Red Hat, Adobe, Juniper Networks, HP, IBM, etc.
  • Also offers more choices for your cloud adoption models either private, public, or hybrid cloud as virtualisation provides the first abstraction layer from underlying physical resources where customers can easily move to the cloud without modifying existing infrastructure.

VMware has 500,000 customers and 75000 partners worldwide.

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