Top 5 Colocation Data Centre Providers

When it comes time for organisations in Australia to choose a colocation data centre provider to work with, there a plenty of great options for them to choose from. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five colocation data centre providers in Australia and discuss each one to help you determine which provider is right for your organisation.

1. Equinix SY3

Located about 5km south of central Sydney in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria, Equinix SY3 is one of four main data centres in the in the Equinix Sydney Campus and has a total power of 20.25MW.

The Equinix Sydney Campus is renowned for being the most interconnected data centre campus in Australia, as its location gives it access to all of the underwater international cables that are entering Australia. This access means that the Equinix SY3 data centre is able to offer a superb balance of domestic and international connectivity. The Equinix SY3 is also LEED Gold certified and is designed to be highly energy efficient thanks to features such as optimized lighting controls and granular temperature monitoring.

2. Equinix SY1

Located on the same campus as the Equinix SY3, the Equinix SY1 is the smaller of the two data centres with a total power of 7.2MW. However, this data centre still offers many of the same advantages, including the ability to provide high degrees of both domestic and international connectivity thanks to its ideal location. Like the Equinix SY3, the Equinix SY1 is also designed to offer optimum energy efficiency by making use of features such as optimized lighting controls and granular temperature monitoring.

3. NextDC M1

The NextDC M1 data centre is known for being the largest independent data centre in Victoria and is also known for being the first data centre in Australia to receive a 4.5 star Nabres rating.  NextDC M1 is located 25 minutes from the Melbourne airport and just 3.8km from the Melbourne CBD, and it has a total power of 15MW.

For the security conscious, NextDC M1 is an ideal choice thanks to features such as 24/7 manned security and dual and triple factor encrypted challenge and authentication systems. Like all high-quality data centres, NextDC M1 is designed to exhibit extraordinary energy efficiency. The NextDC M1 data centre is also the first data centre of its kind to be built for the Asia Pacific market.

4. NextDC B1

The NextDC B1 data centre is the most fibre connected commercial data centre in Queensland and has 700 racks with a total power of 2.25MW. Situated in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, it is just 17 minutes from Brisbane Airport with public transport links serving the area. The data centre provides 1,650m2 of high-density technical space.

Its close proximity to significant telecommunications and public infrastructure makes it the ideal option for both global and local cloud-based platforms, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, AXONVX and AWS.

The NextDC B1 data centre consists of approximately 80% concrete, which provides optimal security and protection against flood and fire. Aluminium composite cladding further improves the energy efficiency, with free-cooling tech reducing the amount of water consumed. Security is top-level and includes biometric scan points, CCTV and on-site guards and 2-step authentication factor.

5. Equinix SY2

The third of four main data centres located on the Equinix Sydney Campus, the Equinix SY2 has a total power of 8.1MW, making it larger than the Equinix SY1 but smaller than the Equinix SY3. Like the other innovative data centres on the Equinix Sydney Campus, the Equinix SY2 benefits from its location which gives it access to all of the underwater international cables that are entering Australia.

This makes the Equinix SY2 an ideal choice if international connectivity is one of your main priorities. With the Equinix SY2, you’ll also get the same energyefficiency that Equinix data centres are renowned for as well as top-notch security and reliability.

Thanks to the superior quality of Equinix data centres, you really can’t go wrong with any of the four main data centres on the Equinix Sydney Campus, and the Equinix SY2 is yet another fine option that is well worth considering.


Choosing which data centre provider will best suit the colocation needs of your organisation ultimately comes down to where your organisation is located and the specific qualities that you are looking for in a data centre.

The good news is, though, that organisations in Australia certainly have plenty of excellent options to choose from, and chances are you will be able to find an Australian colocation data centre provider that perfectly meets your needs.

The five data centres outlined above represent some of the most innovative and most highly-rated data centres in Australia in terms of connectivity, energy efficiency, and security, but there is still a wide range of other high-quality data centres to choose from as well.

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