Signs that it’s Time to Upgrade to a Virtual Private Server

When you create a website, your business is often brand new, and all you need is a place to host it. This is when most new businesses sign up to a shared hosting plan where a service provider will host your website alongside other business websites and take care of security updates, security and optimisation of the underlying platform. Shared hosting can be limiting, and as your business grows, there will come a time when you will start to consider upgrading your shared hosting plan. The big question is, when?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and have created a handy guide to walk you through the signs that it is time to consider a VPS.

When your website slows down

 As your business grows, you are going to be adding more content and graphics to your website. The more content you have, the slower your site will start to run. In a shared hosting situation, there is a limit to how much content you can add to your site before it significantly impacts speed and performance. A slow website means one thing; lost business. Tech-savvy consumers hate nothing more than a website that doesn’t run at top speed, especially when you have hundreds of other websites offering the same services and products.

Upgrading to a VPS will significantly increase your website’s loading times and allows you to add as much content as you need. A VPS is dedicated to your business and doesn’t share resources with anyone else, so your website’s speed and performance will not be impacted by the actions of your server neighbours.

When your website traffic increases

As your business becomes more popular, your website will attract more traffic to it. Eventually, your shared hosting plan won’t be able to handle the volume of traffic your business success attracts.

Virtual Private Servers are designed to have enough RAM to handle a lot more traffic than a shared hosting arrangement. So, if you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of web traffic to your site, then it’s time to consider an upgrade.

When you need more security

Whilst shared hosting with a reputable supplier is secure and safe from malicious attacks, a VPS offers more security and flexibility on how much protection you require.

A VPS gives you the option to install extra firewalls and configure stricter security rules and restrictions, giving you added protection. This is especially important on E-commerce websites.

When you need more control and scalability

In the case of shared hosting, you usually have very limited administrative access to your hosting environment and very little control over how your environment is customised.

In the case of a VPS, you will have full root and administrative access. You will also be able to fully customise your server in terms of the operating system, control panels, amount of RAM, and hard disk space. So, you’ll be able to increase and decrease the resources you need as your business changes.

When your own IP address is essential

When you are sharing hosting, you will share your IP address with multiple other websites. This means that if one of those sites is not reputable, it will impact your SEO ranking and site reputation.

When you upgrade to a VPS, you will have your own dedicated IP address. This means that your website will be more secure and less susceptible to the actions of those sharing your server.

When your website has sensitive data

It’s not a good idea to host a website that contains sensitive data on a shared hosting plan. This opens you and your website users up to malicious attacks and the misuse of this information.

Sensitive data and payment information are best hosted on a VPS or a Dedicated Server. This is so that information is isolated and safe. Research shows that hackers find it easier to target websites on shared hosting environments that share one IP address.

When you run an E-commerce store

A website that stores or processes payment information needs to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Statistics show that many websites on a shared hosting plan fail PCI certification.

A VPS has a dedicated Operating System which gives it a far better chance of passing PCI certification. So, if you want to start selling goods or services on your website, it would be a good idea to upgrade to a VPS.

In a Nutshell

If your business has outgrown its current shared hosting plan or you want more control over your hosting, then a VPS is a great upgrade option for you. If you sign up for a VPS with Servers Australia®, you will not only get better performance, more reliability and control but also 24/7 Australian based support with an industry-leading VPS provider.

Get in touch with our Solutions Team today to discuss how a VPS can improve your business and website.

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