Servers Australia partners with Extreme Networks in $500K network upgrade


We have recently invested well over $500,000 in upgrading our new core network, switches and routers in partnership with Extreme Networks and Brocade and will be implementing these upgrades in the next few weeks.

 With this investment into our development and growth, our customers will start to see a huge improvement in network speed and stability. All facilities in our main Point of Presence in Sydney will now have 40Gbit redundant circuits between them with a full MPLS network. We will also have new Brocade routers that can handle substantial amounts of DDoS and malicious traffic toward them.

This change has come about with the rapid growth that Servers Australia has experienced in the past 2 years. Most customers do not even realise the size and scale of our network, with 14 locations and over 200 switches within the network.

We upgraded some core routers and switches earlier this year, but we have already outgrown them with the traffic that we are moving. These original upgrades were due to the issues that you may recall we had in January 2015 with multiple DDoS attacks and congestion. Since then, we have put significant time and resources into planning these changes and choosing the right supplier and equipment.

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