22 Jul

Save Dollars with Prepaid and Split Payments

If you’ve ever wanted to split your payments between multiple payment sources, have a specific budget you’d like to spend or you’re simply a fan of free credit, this one is for you! 

We’ve recently launched a new and easy way to add credit to your Servers Australia account. All self-service and we’re offering discounts and bonus credits simply for using it. 

A Quick Overview 

Prepayments are a way for you to add credit to your account that you can use later to purchase any product or service from us – and we’ll reward you with discounts and bonuses for doing it! 

The way it works is you can use either your credit card or PayPal account to purchase your credit, this will then be available as a new payment method (Account Credit) next time you wish to pay an invoice or purchase a new product. 

While you’ve always been able to do this in the past, this is now available fully self-service from the MySAU Portal.

It’s commonly used by people who wish to split payments so you can use multiple payment sources, or simply as a great way to manage your budget and earn discounts and bonuses at the same time. 

How To Split?

There are multiple ways to split your payment sources. 

Let’s say you want to make a purchase, but you’d like to use up the balance you have in your PayPal account and then pay for the rest on your credit card. 

Option 1: Buy Credit, Then Pay the Balance 

Using the example above, you can purchase account credit using your PayPal account, choosing the amount of credit you wish to add. We’ll then either give you a discount or offer you a bonus credit. 

You can then use this account credit to partially pay your invoice by selecting Account Credit as the payment method. This will subtract your Account Credit amount from the invoice total. 

Next, simply pay the remainder of your invoice using your credit card as the payment method.

Option 2: Buy Credit Using Two Payment Methods 

The second method and the method that will earn you the biggest discounts or bonuses is to simply purchase credit twice – once using your PayPal account, and once using your credit card. Both will earn discounts or bonuses! 

Then when you come to pay your invoice, you can simply use Account Credit as the payment source and pay the entire balance. 

Discounts and Bonuses 

So, what are the discounts and bonuses we speak of? 

When you choose to purchase credit, as a thank you, we’ll give you either a discounted rate or offer you bonus credit, depending on the method of prepayment you choose. 

Bonuses and discounts are based on your monthly spend, making it accessible to everyone! 

Prepaying Based on Terms 

To make it easy, we can calculate your credit totals based on your monthly costs. So, for example, you may choose to purchase two years’ worth of credit upfront. 

If 24 months’ worth of your current services is $10,000, we’ll give you a 10% discount. You pay $9000, and you’ll actually get $10,000 total in your account! 

This is a great way to save! 

Prepaying Custom Amounts 

Alternatively, if you have a certain amount of money you’d like to spend (perhaps you have the budget to spend, or you want to use up a specific amount from your PayPal account like in the example above), you can simply enter the amount you wish to pay. 

For example, you may wish to purchase $10,000 worth of credit to use over the next year.  

Since you’d like to spend a specific amount, instead of discounting it and messing up your figures, we’ll instead offer you bonus extra credit. 

In this case, you’d purchase $10,000 worth of credit, and we’d add a 10% bonus on top of that, giving you $11,000 worth of account credit. 

This is a great way to handle specific amounts. 

Using Account Credit 

Once you’ve scored your sweet discounts or bonuses, the next step will be using it! 

Account Credit becomes a payment method and can be used when purchasing any services, whether they are existing or new products and services. 

That’s right, even if you use the Terms method, your credit can be used for purchasing anything in the future, not just your current products and services. Even though we calculate your bonuses and discounts by your monthly spend, we don’t lock your credit into just those items. 

You can find your current Account Credit total in the Account section of the MySAU Portal, under Payment Options. 

Is This for Me? 

In a word, Yes! 

The reason we calculate your discount based on your monthly spend is so that everyone can benefit. This isn’t designed just for small or large accounts; it’s a great way for everyone to manage upcoming invoices whilst earning discounts and bonuses at the same time. 

So How Do I Get Started? 

While prepayments and credits are nothing new, the ability to easily purchase and manage this from within the portal is – this makes it much easier than ever before to benefit from both the flexibility of split payments and the benefit of discounts and bonuses. 

We’ve created a walk-through that will show you how to add credit in your actual account – it’ll only take 30 seconds or so, and it’s the fastest way to see how this all works, in action, in your own account:

(Don’t worry, it won’t force you to add credit, it’ll simply show you how it is done!) 

Or if you prefer a self-guided tour, you can simply login to your MySAU account, go to the Account page, and select Prepayments from the page menu. 

And as usual, if you have any questions, please contact us – we’re more than happy to help! 

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  1. We do not use a credit card nor PayPal so this option is not viable for us, from what I can read about it. PS I am the current treasurer Julie Ackland retired 2 years ago, thanks.

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