17 Jul

Office Pranks are Always Fun (Video)

After a long trip overseas, one expects to return home to have a tasty home cooked meal, a decent sleep and everything to be back to normal when returning to work. Well, that’s the dream at least. However, as nice as we can be to people, we love to play jokes on other staff members to bring the laughs into the office (in hope they won’t get too angry and get the baseball bat out).

We all sat down thinking of what to do that would be funny, practical for us to pull, and impractical for the prankee. Then it hit us.

Packing Cheezles…! And lots of them!

For those who don’t know what they are, they are small plastic cylinders about the same size as cheezles. They are used for packing into boxes to reduce the likelihood of a package getting damaged in transit, thus the name Packing Cheelzes.

The original idea was to fill the cheezles to the ceiling, however this was going to be impractical for us to do (‘how does one do this’ we asked ourselves) and we didn’t want to spend too much money on making a mess we would all eventually end up cleaning. We also chucked old boxes in there to help add to the impact of the prank. We wanted him to open the door to see the mess, so we also had to cover the window on the door. This wasn’t an issue though; we simply made a ‘Welcome Back” poster and all signed it. How thoughtful are we?

The next step was to get warning of when he was going to arrive. We did this in two ways.
1. We blocked his access card to the building so someone would have to get the door for him, and…
2. We called him claiming we were ‘making coffee’ and wanted to know when he was going to be in the office in case he wanted one. You can imagine the distraught look on his face when he didn’t get his coffee.
I can say though, the work to do this was well worth it. His reaction when he opened the door was priceless, and we lost it when we watched him walk over to his office and open the door. We filmed it all, so we will upload this soon for your viewing pleasure.

Yes we helped clean up, but there are still cheezles on the floor throughout the office. We will get to them later…. maybe.

Check out the video to see his priceless reaction.

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