14 Aug

Finally an update

Wow, a month has gone already since I last blogged! Well alot has happened in that time, and when I say alot I mean alot!
I will try not bore people with the boring ‘paper work’ and formality stuff and get down to the nitty gritty of what has been happening!

Well after my last post you would have seen that we started construction on the office downstairs which included a reception / display area, large board room, small meeting room, kitchen / lunchroom, server build and test room and a common area for the co-location facility!

Well after I posted that there had been a heap of work done and the Gyprock has all been completed along with all the internal electrical, security and security cameras, there was ALOT of cable that went into the office and I am amazed at how much we used…

OK, so now you are wondering about the Data Centre, well this has progressed heaps since my last post and we now have some of the power upgrades that we were waiting on and the fiber has finally been laid, it has not been tested as yet and this is one final thing that we are waiting on before we can open stage one of the Data Centre.

Once stage one is open we will instantly be starting on stage two, and I will be posting a day by day blog of that once it has started and been completed.

For now I have posted the following images below;

  • More office pictures
  • Fiber Installation work
  • Power installation work
  • Delivery of the Libert-Emerson 45kw CRAC’s (Computer Room Air Conditioners)
  • Delivery of the power cabinets
  • UPS images

I will post more info as I go, as there is currently ALOT of work happening and stage one is near completion, this means that we will have customers moving in to the facility within the next 2-3 weeks!


Written by Jared Hirst

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