Data Packs & Transit


Servers Australia pride itself on providing a quality and affordable network. All of our network services come with DDoS protection, 1Gbit switch ports and a 100% network service level agreement included with the price. View our network map. Our AS number is AS45671 & AS9280 with more information available here:

We include base data packs on all products, and then allow clients to also buy more data allowances or data packs on top of their base allowance if they need more.

A data pack is a set amount of data that is in the form of a per GB amount. This amount is measured and calculated at the clients switch port and is measured for both inbound traffic and outbound traffic.

Our data packs are also reset every month on the first day of the month.

We do not limit the port speed like our competition and we do not sell any 100 mbit Switch Ports, this allows you to get the maximum speed and value from the included or purchased data pack. As a standard, all products are provisioned on a 1000 mbit (1Gbit) port.

You can upgrade to a 10Gbit port upon request. There may be additional charges for this though.

The Difference in Mbps and MBps

It’s important to understand that bandwidth can be expressed in any unit (bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabits, etc.). Your ISP might use one term, a testing service another, and a video streaming service yet another. You’ll need to understand how these terms are all related and how to convert between them if you want to avoid paying for too much internet service or, maybe worse, ordering too little for what you want to do with it.

For example, 15 MBs is not the same as 15 Mbs (note the lowercase b). The first reads as 15 megaBYTES while the second is 15 megaBITS. These two values are different by a factor of 8 since there are 8 bits in a byte.

If these two bandwidth readings were written in megabytes (MB), they’d be 15 MBs and 1.875 MBs (since 15/8 is 1.875). However, when written in megabits (Mb), the first would be 120 Mbs (15×8 is 120) and the second 15 Mbps.

Tip: This same concept applies to any data unit you might encounter. You can use an online conversion calculator like this one if you’d rather not do the math manually.

Shared Bandwidth

This is the most common bandwidth on the Servers Australia network, this is where you are connected to a 1Gbit port and the port is shared amongst many servers, and you get a data allocation pack of a certain set of GB’s per month, you can use whatever allocated per Mbit is available within that 1 Gbit port speed. Servers Australia generally advises that you will be able to get 800+ mbits on a shared 1 Gbit port almost all of the time, but this is not guaranteed and you will also be using your data pack if you are using this amount of speed.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Guaranteed bandwidth means that you are not sharing a PIPE, so like above, when someone downloads the file it might slow down to half the speed, but with guaranteed bandwidth, this does not happen, you are actually getting the full speed all the time. If you buy a 100Mbit bandwidth dedicated PIPE then you are always going to get those speeds, these pipes are more expensive as you are the only one that gets access to these pipes, these pipes also allow an unlimited amount of GB’s to be transferred through them at the set speed.

Pricing information

Data PacksPrice (ex gst)Excess Data
100 GB Data Pack$10.00 (10c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
1,000 GB (About 1TB)$60.00 (6.0c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
2,000 GB (About 2TB)$106.00 (5.3c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
5,000 GB (About 5TB)$199.00 (3.98c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
10,000 GB (About 10TB)$330.00 (3.3c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
20,000 GB (About 20TB)$600.00 (3c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
30,000 GB (About 30TB)$900.00 (3c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
40,000 GB (About 40TB)$1,200.00 (3c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
50,000 GB (About 50TB)$1,400.00 (2.8c per GB)$0.20 per GB*
60,000 GB (About 60TB)$1,680.00 (2.8c per GB$0.20 per GB*
80,000 GB (About 80TB)POAWe will go as low as 0.015c per GB depending on what other services
100,000 GB (About 100TB)POAWe will go as low as 0.015c per GB depending on what other services

* Excess data outside your included data pack

Pricing information – Unmetered Ports

Price (ex gst)Excess Data
1Gbit Unmetered Ports$3,400.00 / monthThis is a shaped port and cannot burst – see here for bursting data
Excess Data Rate (Default)$9.00 / MbitThis is the cost per Mbit for overage charges over the 95th Percentile