Cloud and Elastic Cloud Servers

We are VERY excited to be releasing our Cloud and Elastic Cloud products in MySAU v2 Portal this week.

What are Cloud, and Elastic Cloud?

Cloud Servers

Cloud Server are mostly like a VPS – you purchase a virtualised server with a set allocation of CPU cores, RAM, and Disk space. However unlike a traditional VPS, it is not tied to a single Host server. Cloud Servers are hosted within a Clustered environment, where there are multiple Host servers, and storage is replicated in real time between all hosts.

What does this mean for you? It means that we, as your hosting provider, can lose a whole physical server, and it doesn’t really affect you. If our control servers detect an issue on the Host your Cloud Server is hosted on, the cloud server will be migrated in real time to another Host. If the Host fails, this is detected with 15 seconds, and your Cloud Server is booted on another Host. No waiting for hardware diagnosis and/or replacment, no waiting for backups to restore; you’re back online within the minute.

Elastic Cloud

Do you have a varying workload? Do you need to scale up your server(s) after a big marketing campaign? This is where our Elastic Cloud plans are fantastic. Sign up for one of our Elastic Cloud plans with guaranteed base resources, and create your Servers via the Portal. You can scale up your servers during high-load periods (why not enable auto-scaling and set rules so that it happens automatically while you sleep?), or start up spare servers, and just pay for the extra resources (at a 10% premium on pre-paid resources) on an hourly basis.

How do I know how many resources I’m using?

That’s easy, we show you right in the portal!


How does hourly charging work?

Well, that’s a good question! Customers with Elastic Cloud by default have a $500 Credit Limit. You may use elastic resources to the total value of your credit limit, before you need to convert them to an invoice. You may generate an invoice at any time, which resets your unbilled usage. Our system checks on your usage each hour, and will send you a warning when you get to 80% of your credit limit. If you reach your credit limit and have not generated an invoice, your Servers will be shut down, and you will be unable to start them back up until you have generated an invoice. Once you have generated an invoice, you’re back in business.

We show your unbilled usage right on the Elastic Servers page. You can generate an invoice from your unbilled usage right here, and can also request a credit limit increase, if you are regularly hitting your limit.

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