15 Jan

A message from our CEO

Some of you may have seen some small hiccups on our network of late, these issues have been minor for some and major for others. I am writing to let you know that we are aware of such issues and are continuing our network expansion and replacement with the utmost highest priority.

As Servers Australia continues to have rapid growth, we have to continually upgrade, change and protect our network from such issues happening. Unfortunately over the past four weeks there has been some minor packet loss and international issues due to some recent Distributed Denial of Service attacks. We have full DDoS protection for most attacks, however there are crafty new attacks coming out every day. As such, we are constantly fighting to battle the attacks that are new and circumventing our network.

I as the CEO am aware that this is not your concern and as such we are doing everything we possibly can to solve these issues and attacks getting onto our network. We have invested a lot in new technology and infrastructure which we are now deploying.

Over the next 3-4 weeks there will be a series of scheduled outages which will take place at the least busiest time on our network. These outages will be to replace parts of our entire core network. Whilst most traffic can and will route around the outage, I just wanted to send an update on what’s happening and why there will be these disruptions.

Once the upgrade has been complete we will effectively have 10 times more capacity on our network and more ability to detect, stop and mitigate attacks to prevent packet loss or outages.

In the past 12 months we have expanded into 5 new Data Centre’s across Australia and New Zealand, so our commitment to making a better and more reliable network is our number one priority.

Jared Hirst
Chief Executive Officer


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