Top 5 features of NVMe storage

1. Speed

NVMe sits on the top of the PCIe that is directly connected to the CPU that results in 4 times faster IOPS and 10 times faster seek time for data. It also delivers 2000MB per second read-write speed that is pretty faster than the SATA SSD that limits 600MB per second.

2. Performance

NVMe directly connects to the CPU that offers scalable performance while transferring 25 times more data than the SATA drives.

3. Power-efficienty

NVMe drives consume a trivial power in a standby mode where some NVMe brands have adapted the L1.2 low-power (under 2mW) consumption standby mode that means a 97% reduction from the 50mW used by an L1 state.

4. Compatibility

NVMe directly communicates with the CPU regardless of form factor while working with all major operating systems (OS).

5. Security

NVMe drives support the standard Opal SSC and Enterprise SSC security solutions.

Why Is NVMe Important for Business?

Enterprises or large businesses are normally data-driven and exponential growth in data and new applications can swamp down SSD drives and lower performance, latency, and poor QoS can take place even high-performance SSD drives are connected to legacy storage protocols. NVMe allows you to avoid the bottlenecks from legacy scale-up apps to Edge Computing architecture and new data requirements.

NVMe is specifically designed for non-volatile storage, cloud, and edge architectures that require high performance to run and manage modern and cloud-native applications.

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