10 SysAdmin Blogs You Need To Read


There are a wealth of blogs available for practicing SysAdmins, veteran or novice, but it can be hard to discern the mundane from the worthwhile. We’ve waded through the mediocre to find the 10 blogs you should read, subscribe to, and will wish you had written. From in-house engineering teams to vendor portals, here’s 10 of the best blogs to read as a SysAdmin:

1. Code as Craft is often cited as one of the best blogs in the IT industry and with good reason. Written by Etsy’s engineers, the blog is an honest and open account of their experiments and successes at Etsy and offers transferable advice for IT professionals at other companies. Well worth a subscription.

2. Pingdom Royal, run by the Pingdom team, is regularly updated with tips and tutorials for performance strategies alongside more general advice for IT professionals. For performance specialists, this is a must.

3. Tech Decision Maker from TechRepublic looks at IT strategy and best practices as well as budgets, tooling and in-depth of analysis of ‘the next big thing’ to hit the IT industry. A solid generalist blog to help you keep pace with the industry.

4. LazySystemAdmin appreciates that your time is limited and gives you the tips and tricks you need to simply get the job done. If you’re put off by the title, check out its post entitled ‘12 reasons why every Linux system administrator should be lazy’ and you’ll be sold by the second paragraph.

5. IBM developerWorks is more than your average vendor blog. It’s a comprehensive source of technical content ranging from demos to forums, tutorials and video guides. If you want depth and breadth to your technical resources, go no further than developerWorks.

6. TechDirt isn’t the prettiest site in town, but it’s one of the most useful to catch up on news and updates from the world of information technology. Its analysis of legal issues and government policy as well as general tech news are delivered with a heavy dose of practicality. Forbes has even awarded it with a ‘Best of the Web’ trophy so you know you’re in good hands.

7. SystemAdminThings has been churning out user-friendly guides and and tips to IT professionals since 2011. Unlike many other blogs, the authors actively encourage readers to submit questions to which other members of the IT community are encouraged to respond. If you don’t get far with StackExchange next time you hit a roadblock, SysAdminThings should be next on your list.

8. Five Apps is the insanely useful site to find the tools you never knew you needed. An instant hit for those with limited reading time, Five Apps shares peer-tested apps covering a multitude of platforms.

9. The New School of Information Security is run by the authors of the book of the same name. Following the book’s publication in 2008, the blog brings together a community of resident writers to investigate and analyse common hurdles in the information security industry.

10. 4sysops is one of many Windows administrator blogs available, but is consistently one of the best. If you’re looking for content outside of Microsoft’s own Windows Dev Centre, 4sysops is your best option. Of course, if we’re mentioning vendor-specific blogs we should give a shout out to GFI, the Microsoft Azure team, Splunk, SolarWinds, CloudFlare, Red Hat and a thousand others for their own efforts at helping the SysAdmin community.

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