10 SysAdmin Bloggers You Should Follow


A good administrator knows that there is always more to learn. When you’re left stumped with a security issue or just want to keep ahead of all new developments in the IT world, why not turn to those who know it best? Here are the ten bloggers every SysAdmin should follow:

1. The Lone Sysadmin is home to Bob Plankers, an experience SysAdmin who has over 25 years’ experience in enterprise IT. His blog is founded on one motto: technology is easy, it’s the people that are hard. His audience is made up of independent SysAdmins, often working alone in an organisation that never fully understands what they do. His posts are practical, insightful and always on point.

2. Kitchen Soap is a sure follow-up for any fan of Code is Craft, the blog run by Etsy’s engineers. Kitchen Soap is written by John Allspaw from Etsy and offers a human perspective on the world of IT and administration.  

3. Snipe.net should be first on the list for any administrator looking to step away from the mundane and standard tech blog. Written by Alison Gianotto, the brains behind the Tumblr of the same name, Snipe.net is unlike any tech blog you’ve ever read. Each post is absurdly practical and delivered with a dose of humour and (we have warned you) heavy swearing. This blog is always good to read at the end of a frustrating day to know you’re not the only one left exasperated with your colleagues.

The Practical SysAdmin

befits its title. Author
Joshua Reichardt
is an engineer at about.me and posts incredibly (you guessed it) practical posts on tools and strategies that make the administrator’s life that much easier.

5. Standalone Sysadmin calls itself the blog for IT admins who do everything written by an IT admin who does everything. Its author, Matt Simmons, has been posting Standalone blogs since 2008 and has created an impressive archive of technical how-to guides and advice from other seasoned professionals.

6. EverythingSysadmin is run by arguably one of the most influential SysAdmins on the planet. Tom Limoncelli is the author of ‘The Practice of System and Network Administration’ and ‘Time Management for System Administrators’. In between writing industry-leading books and working at StackExchange, you can find Tom blogging at EverythingSysadmin and dishing out the quality of advice that could only come from a veteran administrator.

7. CuddleTech is your blog for operations management. It is the brainchild of Ben Rockwood who has been cultivating its content on DevOps and administration since the late nineties. Rockwood often takes a step back from day-to-day management topics to assesses the growth and maturity of the DevOps phenomenon as it finds its feet in enterprise IT.

8. Outcoldman is the personal blog of Denis Gladkikh, a senior developer at Splunk. Gladkikh posts a mix of content and has previously posted hardware reviews, tool comparisons and tutorials. The Outcoldman archive is neatly presented allowing you to skim through topics and inevitably bookmark 20 to read at a later date.

9. Brian Krebs is one of the best known online writers in the security world and has written thousands of articles on the subject. Krebsonsecurity’s in-depth analysis of security news should make it your first port of call for all information related to breaches, threats and security best practice.

10. Laurent Schneider is a Senior Database Administrator at Oracle and one of the most respected authors when it comes to Oracle tech. If you’re looking for fluffy features and in-depth analysis, you won’t find it here. Instead you’ll find practical tutorials to combat day-to-day issues especially on database administration, modeling and warehousing.

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