5 reasons why poor performing servers are bad for your business

1) Offline or Downtime

If you own a website with a dedicated hosting plan, your website is stored on a Dedicated Server or VPS. If there’s ever an issue with your server, or it goes offline for any reason, your website won’t be accessible to your visitors or customers. What makes matters worse, if you don’t have the expertise to handle the downtime situation, you’ll face a lot of stress and loss of money due to any outages.

Make a strategy plan, this way you can minimise the impact of any downtime.

2) Exposed to intruders

If you have hosted your products or services on an older server that is either a cloud (virtual) server, VPS, or a dedicated server, it can be vulnerable to hackers and intruders. Intel didn’t issue any Spectre patches to several older Intel processor families leaving their customers vulnerable to the security exploit. You must immediately upgrade your server to avoid any security breaches.

3) Database performance

If database performance is poor such as a slow reporting, slow queries or your website content is loading and waiting for your database, this will affect your clients business as well as yours.

You can’t afford delays in website and/or database performance as this will have a very bad impact on your customer’s shopping behaviour. 

4) Slow network

Web services are hosted on either a Cloud Server, VPS or a Dedicated Server and requires network access as it is hosted within a cloud platform.

The network plays a critical role while accessing online applications as there is nothing local and all access is over the public internet. If this takes a longer time to get from the end-users side to the service or applications in the cloud, the end-user will notice delays in application performance that will greatly affect your business.

5) Lower Google rankings

Within the Google algorithm, a website that loads quickly is always ranked higher by search engines and websites that load slowly will be penalised.

You must take measures to improve website load time as this will improve your Google ranking. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more than content and keywords optimisation, it is also about who hosts your services and the performance of your server or services. 

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