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SSL Certificates

With a Servers Australia® SSL Certificate, you’re able to secure your website and/or server while keeping your customer’s information safe.

If your website asks for any information from users, you need an SSL certificate.

Scammers and hackers target computer networks to obtain sensitive information like credit card information. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates ensure that the traffic between your web server and the user’s browser is secure and cannot be read by using encryption. Having an SSL is crucial to your customer’s privacy as well as your own and essential for any online shopping experience.

Servers Australia® only provides SSL’s from trusted companies like RapidSSL and GeoTrust with 256Bit encryption.

Warranty Included

Protection for your business

Strong 256 Bit Encryption

Great for any business

Affirm your Identity

Issued certificate details

Protect your Data

Your data is secure via the SSL protocol

Customer Trust

Build on your brand

Boost Google Rankings

Google has HTTPS in its algorithm

Secure your Payments

Piece of mind for your customers

Improved Shopping Experience

Your assurance

SSL Certificates

Protect your business and your customers by installing an SSL Certificate on your Website.