Our VMWARE Private Cloud provides two Equinix availability zones for maximum protection.

Servers Australia have exclusively partnered with Industry leaders, VMware, Nimble Storage and Veeam to provide our customers the best Private Cloud solution with maximum High-Availability and Disaster Recovery.

If your business needs are critical and you need to ensure your data is fully protected against loss and is easily recoverable, then our VMware Private Cloud with dual Equinix availability zones is exactly what you need.

You’re also supported by the Servers Australia 3-Pillar Assurance, with access to our online portal and our 24/7 Australian-based support.

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No private cloud solutions are the same. Our Private cloud is specifically tailored to your business requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to identify what the best fit for your business is.

Rocket Reliability


Our deployment strategy using Stretched Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) across two geographically redundant availability zones (Equinix SY3 & SY4) gives you the assurance that your data will always be available.

Fully managed

Fully Managed

Hand over the management of the entire platform to us. We get it, things go wrong when you least expect it. That’s why we are proud to offer Server Management 24/7 Technical support from local engineers.



Your data is the most important thing for your business so, we treat it as the most important task. We utilise a 3-2-1 rule which takes backup to the next level. We ensure that at least 3 independent copies of your data are kept on 2 types of media with 1 backup copy offsite.


VMware vSAN Hyper-converged storage

NSX Networking & Security


Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on VMware

Server Management with 24/7 Australian Support

Tier III / ISO 27001 Data Centres

VMware vSAN Hyper-converged storage

Simplicity. Agility. Zero data loss. Lower TCO.

If a storage node fails, you need the assurance that services are restored in minutes, not hours or days, with zero data loss. VMware vSAN Hyper-converged storage provides this peace of mind.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is a scalable, software-defined infrastructure that converges core data services on flash-accelerated, industry standard drives, delivering flexible and powerful building blocks under unified management.

With hyper-converged infrastructure, all key data centre functions run in a tightly integrated software layer, simplifying the delivery of services that previously required purpose-built hardware.

Hyper Converged Intel Hyper Converged VMware
Hyper Converged Diagram

NSX Networking & Security

Geographically redundant NSX firewalls, IPsec VPN users, tunnels and load balancing.

Servers Australia secures mission-critical workloads using VMware NSX not only for its vast list of features but because software-defined networking is what powers thousands of sectors today and continues to blur the line between on-premise networking and the Cloud. NSX allows complete availability of your workloads across both our availability zones.

  • Distributed Switching & Routing
  • NSX Edge Firewall
  • NAT
  • Load Balancing
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True Data Insurance

The 3-2-1 Backup rule done right, first time, every time. Assured.

Is there anything more important to your business than your data? It’s certainly the most important and critical task at Servers Australia.

In simple terms, the 3-2-1 backup rule means we keep at least 3 independent copies, on 2 types of media with 1 backup copy offsite. At Servers Australia we take 3-2-1 backup to the next level. We’ve designed our backup system with joint partners VEEAM and HPE Nimble to provide complete data protection.


Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on VMware

Next-generation infrastructure to deliver enterprise grade performance.

Servers Australia has always been a strong believer in Dedicated Infrastructure which allows consistent high performance compute without the risk of Noisy Neighbours intruding on your mission-critical workloads.

Using VMware’s vSAN Hyper-converged Storage is powered by the latest-generation Intel Enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD) & Ultra-fast 12Gb/sec connectivity. vSAN allows live upgrades with Zero Downtime when you increase your storage requirements. It’s as simple as our Technicians adding a few extra drives into both zones and your new storage is available in a few hours. This is all backed across multiple diverse dark fibre paths switched over the Sydney Equinix Data Centres with the capacity to give each client 10Gbe switching between the zones. Using the latest scalable Intel Skylake Processors delivering unrivalled compute and memory throughput to ensure for enterprise workloads are always performing optimally.

Intel HADRaaS
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Server Management with 24/7 Australian Support

Support that’s reassuring.

To be Australia’s first Assured Hosting provider, we need to provide the most reassuring support. We get it, things go wrong when you least expect it, but you need the assurance of support that will solve your problem quickly, efficiently and the first time.

Servers Australia are proud to offer Server Management 24/7 Technical support from local engineers in a local call centre.

No matter what time of day, Christmas or New Years Eve, Servers Australia has invested in local Australian Support staff in offices across Australia that allows businesses and enterprises to run their core services without the stress of worrying about their infrastructure.

Now that’s reassuring.
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Tier III / ISO 27001 Data Centres

We love to help our customers be more successful and give them the tools to improve productivity and drive innovation for which our country is famous.

You need to choose a best-in-class hosting solution that scales with your business from Servers Australia, who are the pioneers in Assured Hosting services. To deliver you that assurance, we rely on trusted partners like Equinix Australia.

Servers Australia currently houses over 400 racks with Equinix Australia. We have grown to more than just a partnership; we feel like a family now. Over more than 10 years we have grown to be their largest Australian customer.

All of our VMware solutions are securely hosted in the Sydney Equinix Data Centres and meet all of relevant certifications.

If you need more than a hosting provider then trust Servers Australia to help your business grow, make it faster and set the standard for others to follow.

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ISO 27001 ISO 27001
SOC 1 Type II SOC 1 Type II
SOC 2 Type II SOC 2 Type II


Need full hardware, network and application level redundancy? Automated performance and availability management? Our deployment strategies using a Stretched Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) across two geographically redundant availability zones gives you the peace of mind and assurance you’re looking for.

Assured Dedicated Public Cloud

  • Stretched VMware Hyper-Converged Cluster
  • Sitting across the Equinix Sydney SY3 and SY4 Data Centres
  • Multiple zones of redundancy and management isolation by utilising our Equinix SY1 presence for vCenter Management and Critical Witness Role
  • Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud.

Servers Australia are the first Assured Hosting Provider, this means we provide you with the best hosting solution for the budget you have, that grows as you need, with help you can trust.



By utilising VMware’s Hyper-converged vSAN stretched cluster feature, we can guarantee synchronous writes across two availability zones in a stretched SDDC cluster environment. The results we achieve by using a stretched VMware cluster is a zero Replication Point Objective (RPO) infrastructure solution for mission-critical workloads.

This enables Servers Australia to failover workloads with zero data loss within clusters spanning over two Equinix Availability Zones. We can then perform live hot migrations between both availability zones with zero downtime.

Servers Australia has designed a truly innovative solution which provides performance, reliability and scalability. Our VMware Private Cloud solution enables you to focus on your business requirements and capabilities instead of infrastructure availability and maintenance.

Book a meeting with our Solutions Team to discuss how a VMware Private Cloud solution can be deployed to keep your business online and protected.

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  1. New technology and virtualised platform using VMware
  2. Fast replication to nimble datastores for assured disaster recovery
  3. Geo-redundancy across multiple zones and data centres
  4. Fully managed and dedicated solution for complete peace of mind
  5. Customisable and scalable to suit your business requirements
  6. Reduced restoration time so you can be back online quickly