cPanel & WHM® is a suite of tools built for Linux OS that gives you the ability to automate web hosting tasks via a simple graphical user interface.

It removes the complexity of creating advanced server configurations and comes equipped with automatic updates, built-in backups, and all the tools you’ll need to get up and running. Its goal — to make managing servers easier for you.

Scale it!

Scale small to large on Windows or Linux

Great for Web Development

Deploy, security, maintenance and tuning

100's of Extensions

Docker, Node js, Ruby, Git

Dev Ops and Developers

Develop and Deployment capabilities

Virtual Hosts

Manage thousands on a single machine

Hyperscale in the Cloud

Automate and manage in just a few clicks

Network Security

Range of tools

Install a CMS

Joomla, Wordpress at a click of a button

Plesk Features & Pricing

Manage your sites, servers and web services fast, with a range of automation and optimisation options to simplify your management helping you and your customers.


Web Pro Edition


per month (ex GST)

Web Host Edition


per month (ex GST)

Service Provider Management
Reseller management
Subscription management
Account management
User InterfaceDescription
Power user view (server + site admin)
Custom view management
User Features
WordPress Toolkit
Developer pack
Plesk Premium Email by Kolab
Plesk mobile manager
Security Features
Security Core with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp
Let’s Encrypt
Plesk Email Security
Email antivirus
  Up to 30 domains Unlimited domains

Is Plesk right for you?

Let's talk about the right solution for you and your business and see if Plesk is right for you.