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Payment Process

We aim to keep our payment options as simple and as convenient as possible for you and your business. You can access and view all of your products and services in our portal (, including your invoices and pay directly through there using either your credit card or PayPal. By paying through our portal your account is reconciled instantly.

Accepted Credit Cards

All cards are accepted including AMEX. There are no additional fee charges for AMEX.

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms are 10 days and billing period is paid in advance. You can apply for a 30 day term. You can also opt to pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly or bi annually.

Payment Extensions

From time to time circumstances may happen where you’re unable to pay your invoice by the due date. You can apply for an extension through the portal if you need extra time. This avoids suspension and late fees.

Late Fee

These are applied when you go seven days over the invoice due date. This is 8% of the total amount owed.

Auto-Renewing Domains And SSLs

All domains and SSL renewals are optional, and can be cancelled if not required prior to the renewal date. You will receive an email reminder about the need for renewal, so ensure your contact details remain up to date in our system.

Contacting Accounts

You can call and speak to our accounts team between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Any calls made outside of normal hours are escalated to the accounts team the following business day. You can also email to create a ticket.