A powerful and scalable solution with complete control over infrastructure configuration to provision servers, set up secure firewall rules & VPN connections, configure private & public networks, all from a single control panel.

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Control Panel

Complete control through a single control panel

FREE High Availability

Dual-zone high availability, so all of your applications are protected

Automated Backups

Self-service & recovery options with vCloud Director

Powerful Internal Networking

Define subnets, internal network rules, firewall rules, IPsec VPN

Custom Images

Popular images including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows

Scale as you need

Allocate and scale to a changing business environment

Enterprise Servers

Expertly designed high-performance infrastructure, enterprise-grade servers

Data Encryption

Untouchable data backups prevent tampering or loss of data

+ High Availability, Dual Zones! - Servers Australia is in a unique position to offer our valued customers a cutting-edge feature that ensures seamless performance and uninterrupted operations: dual-zone high availability, absolutely free! With our dual-zone high availability architecture, your critical applications and data are safeguarded across multiple geographic zones, providing a robust and resilient infrastructure for your business. We understand the significance of uninterrupted uptime and the potential cost of downtime, which is why we have implemented this exceptional feature at no additional cost to you.
1 Public IP Address
FREE Dual-zone High Availability
FREE Operating Systems (Excluding Windows - paid license )
DDos Protection included, Powered by NSFOCUS
Enterprise Grade hardware
ilO Remote Console Start, Stop & Reboot
2x 10Gbit Switch Ports
Backup Pricing
1-10,000 GB $0.07/GB
10,000-20,000 GB $0.06/GB
20,000+ $0.05/GB
Data Transfer
1-10,000 GB $0.06/GB
10,000-50,000 GB $0.05/GB
50,000-100,000 GB $0.04/GB
100,000+ GB $0.03/GB

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