Sydney Equinix SY4 Data Centre

Equinix’s Sydney Data Centre, SY4 is strategically located in Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales and is 300m from SY1 & SY2 and 900 metres from SY3, and about 6 kilometers from the Sydney CBD.

Equinix SY4



100% Network Uptime

Guarentee network uptime

Secure Location

24/7 Security & Biometric Scanners

Sydney CBD

Central Sydney CBD location

Power Redundancy

Power Distribution – N+1 redundancy

Cooling Redundancy

N+1 redundancy on Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air Handling Units (IDEC)


Loaner tools & Crash Carts


Wifi, Showers, Meeting rooms

About Equinix Sydney SY4

Secure world class Data Centres in CBD locations. Servers Australia® is one of Australia's largest Private Networks and has direct entry points into international cabling for global connectivity.

Equinix SY4 has access to all the underwater international cables as they enter Australia which gives it the best balance of international and domestic connectivity. Backed by state-of-the-art security, network connectivity and redundant power, Equinix is the ideal location for your colocated equipment.

Equinix SY4, the fourth Sydney International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre from dominant player Equinix, opened in August 2016. Located at 200 Bourke Road Alexandria, SY4 is ideal for CBD based customers wanting geographically adjacent locations or easy transport in and out of the CBD for co-location customers.

Equinix SY4
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Equinix Sydney SY4 Interconnection

SY4 is connected to SY1, SY2 and SY3 through a dense fiber loop, enhancing a campus environment that allows each new facility to reap the benefits of existing ones, giving you access to vibrant digital ecosystems around Sydney and beyond.

SY4 offers 3,000 racks units, uses the most efficient DC cooling to date. State-of-the-art IDEC (Indirect Evaporative Cooling) air conditioning units. It also has the only “Trinergy Cube” UPS systems in the southern hemisphere.

Servers Australia® has secured a private suite and is the first provider to have space in this new facility. Customers can also connect from SY4 to the Equinix Internet Exchange, the largest network peering platform in Australia with the most international and regional networks.