SSD RAID 10 IOPS Testing 14 Feb

SSD RAID 10 IOPS Testing

SSD RAID 10 IOPS Testing – H700 Perc RAID Card Testing R710 Recently we’ve been playing with H700 RAID cards with SSD’s. We have had some issues which will...

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Dedicated Servers now ATLEAST 200% Faster 04 Feb

Dedicated Servers now ATLEAST 200% Faster

Here are some benchmarks to show the differences between SATA3 hard drives and solid state hard drives for dedicated server applications. The first benchmark is for web server performance...

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Free Business Web Hosting 01 Feb

Free Business Web Hosting

For the first 100 people we are going to offer FREE business web hosting accounts. To get it all you need to do is have an ABN. We do...

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$1 Dedicated Server Competition 27 Jan

$1 Dedicated Server Competition

We’re offering 1 Dedicated Server for $1 for a YEAR. We are offering our FASTEST dedicated server. 19.8 Ghz of power for $1. We are also offering a second...

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Sparking Quadcore 19 Jan

Sparking Quadcore

So like any normal day we are all working hard away when Peter starts waving his arms around like crazy. Opening the office door lets a that lovely electric...

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