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Wholesale VoIP

Locations and Support Available for Wholesale Colocation

Comprehensive voice services for retail VoIP providers across Australia. Our robust, scalable, and affordable voice termination provides long distance, local, mobile, and other voice services to providers to enable them to satisfy their customers' need for high-performance, quality-critical, low-cost voice solutions.

Our wholesale voice services allow our wholesale customers to expand into new markets, boost revenues and profitability, offer unparalleled quality of service (QoS), and gain a competitive edge.

Our services are delivered through our cutting-edge global converged communications and IP network. Additionally, we leverage strategic alliances and interconnections with several leading Australian carriers. This use of direct and other reliable local Australian PRI routes enables us to guarantee efficient traffic management and consistent call quality to all global destinations, at the most economical and competitive rates possible.

Our DID services make low-cost direct inward dialling numbers available in over 50 countries, enabling providers to easily and economically leverage expanded inbound calling capabilities from a single, centralized location. Servers Australia maintains strategic alliances with numerous international and regional carriers that enable us to aggregate and allocate large blocks of local and international numbers, and dynamically forward the calls using our powerful VoIP network.

  • Wholesale Voice Termination
  • 1300/1800 Numbers
  • DID Services
  • Hosted Solutions
  • International Calling
  • International DID Services
  • Virtual PRI's
  • Short Contracts

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