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Wholesale 3G Wireless

Wholesale 3G Wireless

We provide you with the ability to provide your customers with affordable wireless connectivity, giving your customers the freedom they need whilst still being able to integrate into an existing network.

3G tails are available as a layer 3 product with bundled data; or as a layer 2 product which can be integrated into MPLS private networks solutions and allow mobile subscribers to use the Optus 3G network as an extension of their corporate local area network (LAN) or to provide backup links for remote offices which may have previously not been an affordable option.

High speed wireless Internet access, letting you work where and when you want over the Optus 3G network

Convenient and portable, and you don't need a fixed land line to obtain broadband speeds

Simple to setup, with no cables, wires or costly installations

Available as a layer 2 or layer 3 product, allowing private network solutions

The flexibility to pool your data usage across all of your 3G customers

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