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Programmers be gone!


Could a programmer write a program to write programs? In effect, making programmers around the world obsolete. Someone in the office today posted this question and it got us thinking, is it possible? Let’s take a look at the very basics of making a program to see if we can work out the logistics involved. A program needs a purpose, generally speaking. I don’t know many (useful) programs that that don’t have a purpose and if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be useful, would they? So we need a human being to say “Hey look, I am sick to death of not being able to blah blah blah”. Once the aim of the program has been worked out, it’s time to design it. This is probably the most complicated part of the process from a computer’s point of view. They can’t think, they are mindless drones that do whatever you tell them. If an error occurs, it’s not because it failed to add 2 and 2 together properly, it’s because in the code there was an issue with something the programmer wrote. Some could argue that with debuggers and auto fillers in programs such as Visual Studio, the computer is doing a lot of the coding. But, all this does is find an error, it doesn’t fix it. To say this will never happen would be ignorant, because I’m sure at one point in the past people looked at computers and thought they wouldn’t be able to correct spelling mistakes,….

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