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SSD RAID 10 IOPS Testing


SSD RAID 10 IOPS Testing – H700 Perc RAID Card Testing R710 Recently we’ve been playing with H700 RAID cards with SSD’s. We have had some issues which will be outlined in future follow up posts with SSD’s & H700 Compatibilities. 6 x 256GB Crucial M4 Firmware 0309 all confirmed in a RAID 10 array. Testing tool : Fio 1.38 64bit Fio is quite easy to configure and setup in all major linux distribution. We are testing it on Debian which is quite easy to install J  From CLI (command line interface) just run the following commands: This will update the Package Index. The APT package index is essentially a database of available packages from the repositories defined in the /etc/apt/sources.list file. To update the local package index with the latest changes made in repositories, root@server:/# Apt-get update This command will then install FIO from the remote repositories & any dependencies root@server:/# Apt-get install fio We then want to create the actual configuration file which will have all the variables for this test , because we are utilising SSD’s it’s a good idea to setup the configuration file with the following settings The easiest way to create the configuration file is like this: root@server:/# nano random.fio Then you want to paste the following in: [random] rw=randread size=1g directory=/iops iodepth=403 direct=1 blocksize=4k numjobs=16 nrfiles=1 group_reporting ioengine=sync loops=1 The second last step is to create a folder where all the working/testing will take place in , in our case we created /iops….

$1 Dedicated Server Competition


We’re offering 1 Dedicated Server for $1 for a YEAR. We are offering our FASTEST dedicated server. 19.8 Ghz of power for $1. We are also offering a second FREE Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) our fastest 8 Core VDS! $1 Dedicated Server Competition 3.3GHz (6 Cores) 300GB Data Phenom II 1100T 3.3GHZ 6core 8GB DDR3 Memory 1TB SATA3 Hard Drive 300GB Bandwidth Transfer 1 IP Address $1 (per year) This is the same server that we sell here for $397/month. And you can get it for $1 for the YEAR when it costs well over $4500 per year. How do you get this $1 Dedicated Server? We are going to run a competition and select one person on February 21st at 11am, Sydney time. Ways to Win: 1) Like us on facebook. 2) Like our post on facebook. 3) Follow us on twitter. 4) Retweet our tweet on twitter. The more ways you enter the more chances you have to win. We count each way as a chance in the draw. So if you do all 4, that’s 4 chances in the draw! Draw Date: We will draw this on the 21st of February at 11am Sydney time. The winner will be chosen at random from the people who do any of the 4 ways to win. Free Virtual Dedicated Server Competition: 8 Cores 2048MB RAM 8 CPU Cores 2048MB RAM 50GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth 40GB FTP Backup 1 IP Addresses FREE Along side the $1 dedicated server we are….

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