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Why YOU should choose an Australian Hosting Provider.


  Recently many overseas Web Hosting providers have become quite visible and appealing to Australians. These overseas hosting providers claim to give Australians relatively cheaper prices, making them believe they’re saving a serious amount of money. This leads to Australians going with overseas competitors, thinking that this is the better option for them. This is not the case. As you’ll read on further within this blog post, you’ll see why its important to factor in every outcome when choosing a Web Hosting Provider. “Quality vs Quantity”, a note that is constantly thrown down your throat through high school is extremely relevant to this issue. Quality- What you will get from Australian based Web Hosting providers. Quantity- The money you will save going with an Overseas Hosting provider. As you read those two points above, you immediately think of the money you will save going with an overseas competitor. But in reality, you may save money but there are many benefits of going with a local Australian Web Hosting that you can’t sacrifice. Some of the benefits are as follows. High Support Levels By going with an Australian Web Hosting Company, such as ourselves, you can be guaranteed your support requests will be answered as soon as possible. This saves time, stress and your business precious money. This can be compared to that of an overseas Web Hosting company, who could take days to reply to a simple ticket request due to time differences. Support levels are a very high priority….

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WordPress Login Bruteforce Attacks


In recent weeks, it has come to light that there is an ongoing, highly distributed effort to attack Wordpress websites with poorly secured administrator passwords. This attack is highly organised, using over 90,000 IP addresses in an attempt to guess the administrator password for WordPress sites. We are aware of these efforts and are deploying a series of counter-measures to protect our customers against this effort. We do, however, encourage our customers to take steps to ensure their WordPress sites aren’t compromised due to weak or insecure passwords. The following are several ways customers can further protect their WordPress sites: WordPress BulletProof Security Plugin The WordPress BulletProof Security Plugin is a free, multi-purpose security tool for WordPress intended to protect your WordPress site against a variety of security attacks. This tool is installed like any other WordPress plugin and provides a number of tools customers can use to improve the security of their site. If you are interested, you can find more details about the plugin at WordPress Better WP Security Plugin Another alternative plugin for WordPress, “Better wordpress security” provides extra features, and security measures which are widely used, and provides it in a single plugin which is easy to manage, and provides many methods for protection. If you are interested, you can find more details about the plugin at Deny Access to your wp-login.php Page based on Country Code Another method, which can assist, is by utilizing a rewrite which would deny access to your websites….

Free iPad 2′s, Free Hosting, a Free Server & More


If you can benefit from free web hosting, a free server, savings on data storage or would like to get your hands on a free iPad 2, Servers Australia could be your best friend this Christmas! Servers Australia are rewarding our Facebook friends by giving away free web hosting to friends with an ABN. Our free web hosting includes 500MB Disk Space, 5 GB Data Transfer, cPanel Control Panel and more. Visit Servers Australia Facebook page to sign up for your free web hosting today. It’s no secret that successful businesses and enterprises perform best with fast, secure and reliable servers. Add to your current server network or get your very first server for free and enter the draw to win a dedicated server here. If you’re looking to expand your business and need more data space, we’re cutting your costs. Servers Australia are dismissing the setup fee for all new Equinix SYD3 Colocation customers until 20/12/12. You’ve one more week to jump on this special offer, saving you up to $199. See our website for more information. We are giving away iPad 2 tablets! Servers Australia are giving away, one-for-one iPad 2′s with every E3-1245 starter series server or higher on a 24 month contract. That means if you buy 10 servers you get 10 iPad 2′s! See our servers series here. Unlike Santa, we’re giving away these deals whether you’ve been naughty or nice -but we hope it’s the latter!

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Starter Server & Colocation Offers Ending Soon!


We are offering double bandwidth and double ram to new customer purchases of the ‘Starter Series’ of our Dedicated Servers range. With speed and reliability, our ‘Starter Series’ servers are top choice for entry-level mail server, application server, database or web servers. See Servers Australia website for complete details on our ‘Starter Series’. Also, as part of our Equinix SYD3 Launch Promotion, we are giving away 50GB free data per 1RU, saving up to $55.00 per RU. Backed by state-of-the-art security, network connectivity and redundant power, Equinix is the ideal location for your colocated equipment. See Servers Australia website for details on our ‘Equinix Colocation’. (Available to new colocation customers only.) These special offers expire on the 10th November, so be quick to take advantage of these deals. Call us on 1300 788 862 or email

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We are supporting the Flood Relief Appeal


Now that the worst of the Flooding is over, now is not the time to stop donating or supporting our fellow Australians. They are going to need our support more than ever now. With their homes destroyed and no where to live its our responsobility to support them. So until further notice we will be donating all of our setup fees from our dedicated servers ( and our Colocation at Tuggerah ( to the Flood Relief Appeal ( We are even putting the challenge out to our competitors to follow us and support our fellow Australians. So to all of our competitors we urge you to take us up on this challenge and donate all setup fees from dedicated servers, VDS/VPS and colocation to the flood relief fund. Interesting: To see the REAL extent of these floods has before and after interactive photos. The extent of the floods is amazing. Here is the link here: Here is an example of the pictures you will see at the link above (Note this isn’t our picture and we didn’t take it. Its from the link above and I think its owned by Before: After: These pictures are from: There are more pictures of the floods here: And again, please donate to the flood appeal. To our competitors, follow us in donating our setup fees to the floods.

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