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A Slice of Dedi-’cake’-ed Server

Everybody loves cake, right? It was recently Jared’s birthday (our MD), and following the unwritten law of ‘always celebrating a birthday’, we threw him a staff party in our conference room with an amazing cake! After scrounging around for some old computer hardware lying around the office we built a Dedi-cake-ed Server! (talk about bad puns there… lol!).

We fitted the cake with old Xeon CPUs, laptop RAM, a USB stick and more. It was a big success with everyone racing to take a component. We made sure to wash the parts in the dishwasher first to ensure the cake was OK to eat, then we all got suck in!

Dedicated Server Cake

We think this was a suitable way to celebrate the Boss’ birthday. Three cheers for Jared!

Author: Sasha Crichton

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